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Offensive post-game analysis (week 3)

Please use this thread for post-game analysis of the offense as a whole, and/or individual players.

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Joe Montana can read.
And Sheets is Barry Sanders! Super Bowl FTW!
looks awesome against guys who will be looking for work on Monday.
Originally posted by dobophile:
Joe Montana can read.

that's wrong
Might as well have him try starting after watching Hill tonight
I think he looks good. I'm not convinced of anything yet and he shouldn't start or anything, but I definitely think he should he could be special. He has all the physical tools.

The Joe Montana reading crack was probably over the line, but I admit, I laughed.
My Stars for the evening were:

Nate Davis
Kory Sheets

and are you ready for this....MARK ROMAN...yes that Mark Roman...!

Whats your opinions?
I wanna see Nate Davis against 1st string next week.

Im not saying we should replace Hill and let Davis start, just wanna see Davis against 1st nfl talent.

Hill didnt look solid tonight or against the raiders 2nd string the week before.


pass rush

nate clements

nate davis

brit miller

arnaz battle
Originally posted by RonMexico:

called it
Ok, I tried to be positive about Hill, but come on people. He looked terrible again tonight, we need QB help. At this rate, I would just as soon have Smith in, at least he throws to the receivers. Our offensive line needs to figure out pass blocking asap or it won't matter who is taking snaps though.
Originally posted by RonMexico:
Originally posted by RonMexico:

called it

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