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Could We Trade Crabtree?

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If it really looks like we are at an impasse with his contract could/should we trade his rights for a first next year? To a team that needs a receiver and overpays for shiny new toys like Dallas. We would have 3 first round picks next year...
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No, the date to trade draft rights passed (Aug 12 I believe).

If we sign him and trade, we'll take the cap hit (and that's not going to happen).

He either plays for us or sits.
come on
for the 2308571250129461st time... NO!!!!!!
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dude seriously

LMAO! yes another one!!!!!!!!!
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Yes we could if someone wanted to meet his contract expectations.
I think we can trade his rights after the season. Not sure on that though.
I'm waiting for someone to post that IBTL gif of the Reading Rainbow dude in Star Trek rolling under a closing door! LOL

stuff like this makes me cry blood.
No but if we could i would. im sick of his bulls**t.
Thanks Mang!
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might wanna edit that, unless you like street cred
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