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Niners Should Reduce Crabtree Signing Offer To Hear Crabs and Parker Scream

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The Niners should squeeze Crabs over the damage he has done to his first year by missing OTA's and training camp. By squeeze I mean they should publicly reduce their signing offer to Crabs just like the Chicago Bears threathened with Cedric Benson, 4th overall draft choice and another client of the notorious player agent, Parker. That worked against Benson who finally signed on the 36-th day of his hold-out.

There is no doubt that Crabs is going to catch fewer passes in 2009 because he held out on OTA-s (due to his medical problems) and training camp (due to his extra millions demands). The Niners should not be forced to eat that reception loss for that is all on Crabs and Parker. Reduce the Crabs offer and see him come in to sign just like Benson. The 36th day is a bit over a week away. Now is the time to strike out against the selfishness of Crabs and Parker.

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L-O-C-K in the U-S-A!
Originally posted by KRS-1:
L-O-C-K in the U-S-A!

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