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will NFL network show the 49er / raider game?

can anyone confirm that it will be on tvu player ?
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Originally posted by FederalAgent49:
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Originally posted by AB83Rules:
TVU Player will likely show it, thats how im watching, on the CBS or FOX station.

@AB. You didn't get NFL Ticket this year?

im getting it back this year, sometime between Sept and Oct, just need to pay the past bill off and then get it re-installed. Everything looks good so far, ill have the money soon, so im excited.

Sounds good. u getting the superfan upgrade? I'm delaying my decision too. For me getting the ticket isn't the hassle. It's direct tv's expensive plans that they make u sign up for for 2 years. Anyways I think i'll get superfan this time. Just don't wanna miss any games in case it really ends up being a great season for a 9er fan. tc bud.

super fan is sucj a waste of money, i have just about had it with direct tv as well, i have had the sunday ticket for about 6 or so years now......every year they try to a$$ rape you in price. last year i paid 179.99 this year they tried to charge me 300....i eventually got them down to 224.99, but why should i have to go through this bulls**t every year!!!!!!!!!

Well, I don't need all the superfan features except 2 of em. First is HD picture. Second is the option to watch any game on a mobile phone which will be great in case i'm not home. To my knowledge superfan is the only way to get the games in HD, if u know otherwise, please let me know since it'll save me $100. Yeah, I hate how big companies manipulate and boss around when they have exclusive contracts like DTV with the TICKET or ATT with the iphones. Not to mention changing between NFL game channels kinda freezes the receiver for a sec which is just annoying. No competetion for them screws us consumers. Anyways, let me know about the HD games. peace.
can u watch regular season games on too?
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