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Maybin signs with bills !

two left our boy and smith !
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wrong area
Unfortunately, the money portion wasn't disclosed. That would help pinch Crabtree and/or the Niners.
....and then there were two.....
Crabtree and "The Fat Guy".
Cincinnati is the perfect place for this dim-witted, over-weight malcontent. I think that Smith was the biggest head-case in this draft and in my estimation, has the most potential to be a bust.

Too many posts on this, but I do believe that Crabtree/Parker are really starting to sweat it out and are surprised by the 49er's steadfast position. I think that he'll sign right before the season opener. Sitting out the season is not realistically an option.
I thought he was a reach at #11, so it's good that he's got the money while it's still available. I would like to think this will help the 9ers sign Crabtree, but I doubt that it will.
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They really ought to start warning vets for posting in the wrong forum.

late and wrong forum.... n00b
Good.... e-mail it to Crabgrass, or whatever his name is.

I was watching the Bengals inside training camp series last night on HBO. They showed the teams rep talking to Smiths agent and they were all hung up on the DHB numbers. They said that the team is not prepared to offer that kind of deal and that that deal was no good. She told the agent that they would base his deal off of the rest of the draft and to forget about what DHB got. Al Davis really screwed up big time with this deal. You should have heard the agent, he had no bargaining power at all. All he could say was DHB. It was funny.
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You can ALWAYS count on the Raiders to mess things up for everyone else! I think Smith will be the last to sign, but he should be grateful he even got picked as high as he did considering how his season ended and the BS at the combine!
It doesn't effect signing crabtree though. What's the big deal?
Good...more squeeze for the 49er camp!!!!

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