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Next year the passrush will be addressed by...

Next year the passrush will be addressed by...

Originally posted by MaliCali:
there are SO many good pass rushers in next years draft..

next years draft alone is amazing, a lot of guys that will go in the second round and possibly even third next year would have been 1st round picks this year..

Lets hope for Carolina to choke this year.
The Niners addressing the pass rush?

Who are we kidding?
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Originally posted by MadDog49er:
The Niners addressing the pass rush?

Who are we kidding?

Originally posted by Mex49:
2 first rounders could do wonders for our pass rush. Wouldn't that be nice. We can solidify our D-line for years

We can't even sign one first rounder...what makes you think we can sign two? LOL. Kidding
Originally posted by rob28:
orakpo, maybin, and e. brown were available and instead we draft a wr even though we signed b. jones. who knows what this team will do next year.

If the 2009 draft was any indication, I know exactly what they'll do next year: draft BPA. I for one am 100% behind this.

During the Nolan era, McC had a bad habit of drafting players based on need and it almost always failed (Smith, Baas, Lawson, any wr). When he just grabbed the bpa, it almost always yielded a better player (Gore, Goldson, Coffee).

Why is it better to get BPA over need? Because other than QB, there is not a single position where you can't have too much talent or too many stars. Just look at how quickly everyone is coming around to Coffee.

We would be better off spending our first rounders on a QB next year. The top 2-3 are some of the best prospects of the last decade.

As for the pass rush.... Just throw all their money at a big name f/a. Some might see it as a nice destination: an up and coming team with only a few significant holes.

Personally I see bigger holes on the defense. The Sopoaga/Franklin combo is much less talented than the Haralson/Lawson combo, but drawing and holding double teams is not as sexy as the pass rush...
I always wondered what your user name meant. But i like pronouncing it. Zozell
You can have the best pass rushers in the world, but if you don't have a good defensive coach who can implement good pass rushing schemes, it doesn't do much good.

You can have the baddest meanest defensive line there is, but if the other teams offensive line is just as bad and as mean as yours, you can't just bull rush your way through because you'll wind up in a stalemate .. and their QB will still have all day to find his receivers.

You take someone like Kurt Warner, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady who are not only accurate but have quick releases ... then you're in trouble.
Originally posted by SolRebe1:
I always wondered what your user name meant. But i like pronouncing it. Zozell

lol it does have a nice ring to it doesn't it? I'll tell you how it started. My name is Ramzy, and my cousin is one of those guys that always comes up with a nickname for you. He started calling me Ramzozo. That changed to just Zozo. Then he dropped the last zo... and started calling me Zo. Then finally one day he called me Zozell and it stuck. I have been zozell to him for years. It's hilarious
Originally posted by got_five:
I would rather draft Mays or Berry and a pass rusher

Hell yes MAys! & the DT from Oklahoma!
Just from reading my SI college preview issue there are guys like Sergio Kindle from Texas who plays linebacker and defenseive end, Greg Hardy (Ole Miss), and Jerry Hughes (TCU) who had 15 sacks and six forced fumbles in 2008 who would pretty good wearing crimson and gold on Sunday afternoons.

I also think Singletary will tell Manusky to beat it if the defense can't mount a pass rush this season (and he should).

Originally posted by 49ERwhiner:
How many years now have we said this ------

Sad but true.
Originally posted by BasharCali49:
I voted for the draft and signing a pass rusher. I was really mad when the Niners didn't get Everret Brown and they traded that spot to Carolina. I know we got a 1st rounder out of it but Everret Brown was supposed to be in the 1st round. I guess the Niners GM didn't have him high on the draft board. Another thing is supposedly Florida State pass rushers don't do well in the NFL. Manny Lawson needs to step up his game ASAP.

I think they must have thought he couldn't play OLB? Carolina is going to use him as a DE.
Everette Brown has played one NFL game (Panthers first preseason game last week) and has one sack.
My solution would be to draft Cody and Jerry Hughes. For our 3-4 to work best, we've got to have a dominating NT, and Cody can be that guy. Hughes is one of those guys with a non-stop motor...similar to Haralson in build, but faster.
How this year plays out will determine what we do in the offseason. A true 3-4 team will almost never lead the league in sacks.....
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