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Game 1 & 2 - QB time holding the ball breakdown

It's still early, but it seems like Smith has made some improvement, but he's going to have to do more. And of course, it would be nice if he could lead the receivers a bit from now on.
Damn, when your watching the game, it seems so much long than that... great analysis though!
GAME 2 Breakdown

4.6 -- planned roll-out / play-action -- play didn't fool defense and Smith was forced to fade back on roll-out and throw the ball away.
1.54 -- pass to VD - complete
2.6 -- appeared to throw to second read, incomplete
2.0 -- to VD, pass a little high -- incomplete. (Announcers and reporters have said that since it was catchable, its on the receiver to make the catch. True, but IMHO its also the QB's job to throw a ball that makes it easy on the receiver to catch and get RAC yards)
3.6 -- rush broke free and Smith had to move around - incomplete
3.17 -- underneath throw - complete
2.9 -- underneath throw - complete
3.1 -- over the middle, high throw, tipped by receiver, INT. (Same comment as high pass to VD above)

1.8 -- incomplete
2.4 -- out in flat to VD - complete
4.2 -- had to scramble to throw - complete
2.6 -- ball batted down at line of scrimmage -- incomplete
5.8 -- play action pass for deep throw -- incomplete
1.7 -- inside to battle - complete
-- -- (missed pass to VD) incomplete
3.7 -- sack

Results from this game are INCONCLUSIVE. In this game, the play calling was more varied with roll-outs and play action, and many plays were disrupted by pressure on the QB forcing his movement. So it is hard to draw any conclusions about who was more decisive and efficient with the ball.

One poster noted that each play is designed differently and maybe if the o-line is doing better the QB has more time to throw -- so time in the pocket is not necessarily valid without knowing the play design. To some degree that is true, but largely that is a false argument.

It is widely known and accepted the besides play-action deep plays and designed roll-outs, NFL plays are almost universally designed to be executed by the QB in under 3 seconds because the pass rushers start to disrupt the play by then. And receiver routes are designed to break into open areas by they. Why do you think that outlet receivers are trained to release into their routes at around 2 seconds -- its so they are in the open area around 2.5 - 2.7 second and the QB can check down to them by then.

MAYBE, if an extraordinary o-line has demonstrated a consistant ability to give the QB more time, the team might call more deep passes that take longer to develop -- but that is the exception. Even on deep routes, the QB should have diagnosed the defense and realized the deep route is open within 2.5 seconds and thrown to that route by 2.7 - 2.9 seconds.
Originally posted by jerryricefan80:
Originally posted by excelsior:
So now we are into the "decisiveness" obsession. The quicker the ball comes out, you guys claim, the better. Since Hill takes an average of 2.62 seconds, and Smith takes 3.07, that proves Hill is the more decisive. So what about Orton? His average was 2.23. Ah-ha! Therefore, he is more decisive, hence better!

Doesn't it occur to you that the time between taking the snap and releasing the ball is controlled by many factors. If the play calls for deeper drops, longer routes, you will hold the ball longer and with better results, provided your line holds up. Smith played after the OL had time to settle down and it might have been doing a better job letting Smith search the field.

Thus, I would suggest that you go back and include these other factors in your analysis. Do not oversimplfy.

I wondered how long it would take for a Smith apologist to come out of the woodwork. Even in the face of glaring factual evidence and history, the urge remains.

Time allowed by the line to make reads is a valid point. A seven step drop will take longer to develop than a 3 or 5 step drop, it is a valid point.
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Let's hope both quarterbacks show more this week against the Cowboys.
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