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I am posting my 5000th were it started it all...

Congrats! Your 5000th post was a great one.
The Niners are my herion, not to metion the pills I take.
Nice post.
Great writing Tico...congrats on your 5,000!

I know I believe!
Well done Rico.........!
Very nice Tico, congrats on the 5K as well...
Originally posted by PA9erFaithful:
Very nice Tico, congrats on the 5K as well...
Originally posted by jta854:
Congrats! Your 5000th post was a great one.
I have no idea what you wrote cuz it's too much but Go Niners.

I don't even know how many posts I have.
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Originally posted by leebert81:
Originally posted by 9erfan4life:
Originally posted by 49erFan:
“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.”

“You can have anything you want if you will give up the belief that you can't have it.”

I like the way you think. I'm gonna be watch'n you

Classic Sam Kinison.


It something people wouldn't understand unless they have played the game or used this philosophy in life. It brings out limitless intangibles and unlimited possibilities. Thanks for the post.

Go 49ers!
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Congrats on the 5000 posts .
Originally posted by ninertico:
NinerTalk! That is why I am here.

So 5000, huh? This post is lengthy giving the milestone the attention it deserves and with that...

I wanted to devote my milestone to a firm position I have that belief can change everything. This team is a prime example of that thesis. Look at them from the non-bias glasses where the very existence of heart, mind and soul permeates the will to do better. Have they done that? Seriously. They have. Why? Belief.

They believe in Mike Singletary. He's transformed the very culture that Nolan laid as a foundation based on his own childhood watching his daddy suffer the humiliation of two back to back losses in the NFC Championship, experiencing first hand how will and luck can elevate you from fourth string to starter, and most importantly, IMO, his love and passion of the game. Mike Nolan started it and Singletary will finish it as his good friend promised.

That promise will bring us that sixth. The road to the sixth only can be had as a team. A team forged by will, bonded by experience, and driven by history. Ours is beloved. Ours is renowned and respected! Ours holds true even, yes even, compared to the illustrious 1972 Dolphins. Five for five, baby! That tradition, coupled with the new culture generated by the man who had to face it on the other side of the ball, will continue to motivate our new team to its goal...Win the SuperBowl. To win it, growth must be evident.

That growth projects through this squad with players whose history left one thinking "why him for goodness sake?" Alex Smith, Ahmad Brooks, Alex Boone, Kory Sheets, and now Eric Green all have something in common...absolute failure, almost biblical. These guys only magnify my thesis that belief changes everything. They believe. They want to be winners. Remember Singletary's famous rant after the Seahawk loss? Yes sir, Mr. Singletary, you weren't kidding!

Today only continues to prove my point. Our defense annihilated the Oakland offense! Seven !interceptions, SEVEN! I don't care if it was practice, that's where it all starts anyway. Our secondary had, what, four interceptons against Denver? And now this? Don't you get the feeling this D is getting better? I mean, c'mon, acknowledge the fact that this D has taken on Singletary's persona.

You know who else has? Mr., I don't care who says I can't, Shaun Hill. He's is also another example of someone who believes. He believes, most importantly, in himself. You can see one of the most underrated pieces to a drive, tempo. He has it in droves. He is precise. He is confident and, IMO most importantly, he has sheer will. I believe that he will start now. I believe in his ability to lead this team and I believe that he will shut down his critiques, on and off the field.

With that, I want to conclude this 5000th post with one thing, it is up to you. It is up to you to support this team almost unconditionally. Cheer for your HC, OC, DC and all the coaches who drive your team to be great. Cheer for our players who give it there all. Cheer for your team! I really think that we are in for a very pleasant surprise this season, almost Christmas like.

Every man on that field, from player to coach to administration, loved the game as a kid. You remember Christmas, B-day, or just because, getting those jammies with your team's logo, those Nerfs throwing for TDs between the telephone poles, and eventually the Intellivison Football, the hand held Colecos, and now MADDEN. Well close your eyes and remember being a kid and loving the game. That is what I see in our players. They're like kids in a candy store. That is the essence isn't it? The genuineness of innocence and its power.

That power will be driven by belief generated by Singletary's vision. We behold his power around his neck.

Yes, I believe. Remember that belief can change everything, it really can. Let's hope this team continues to believe in itself to overcome possible inadequacies in talent, judgment and/or skill.

In ending, God Bless all my 49er brethren. I truly love this team and I wanted to share it with you all because deep down inside, we are all 49ers!!!

Go 49ers!

Good job Tico. I see you've joined a few months before me. Hope to see you around for your 10,000 post in 4 or 5 more years.
congrats on the 5000
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