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Yes It Will Be A Prob!

Yes our pass rush will be a problem. From reading the notes from the Raiders-49ers practices, we have no pressure on the QB. here's one quote:

"The 49ers passrush was no factor. Not good for the 49ers overall, but really not good for the Raiders. They were throwing a pick-fest, without the QB under fire"

We saw it in the Bronco's game, and it's been evident in practice. Despite the good practices we've had. I know I will get blasted from some of you, but most of you on here seem to think that our pass rush will be better. I'm just sitting here looking at what we did to upgrade our pass rush, and looking at our schedule. Allot of pressure will be on our DB's this year.

Sorry but Issac is not a full time starting DT. If he was on any other team he would be the #2 DT/NT. Balmer will not pan out. That's a fact book it. Smith is our only true D-Lineman who can put pressure on our opponent.

I was sad to see us not improve our D Line this off season. I hope they prove me wrong, but I doubt it. We just don't have the talent.
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Originally posted by Dino:

That guy credited with both an assist and a goal on that play?
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