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When Grab-MoneyTree Finally signs, should Coach Sing sit him for... How long?

I listened to Marshall Falk make alot of sense about a week ago on NFL Network. He stated that a player has 1, maybe 2 times in their career where they hold the cards in negotiations. The 1st being there first contract, and the 2nd if they are lucky/talented enough to negotiate a 2nd contract once their 1st if over with.

I hold no ill will to Crabtree doing what he can to get the best payday. In this case it's not "Hey Earl, you dig a pretty mean ditch! Can we up your pay a six pack per day and keep you happy".

Too many of these guys never make it out of the 1st or 2nd year because of injuries.
Originally posted by BurritoSmuggler:
Originally posted by Giant9er:
I think that the Niners should sit the money crazed fool as long as he holds out, What about you ?

wow.. thats mature. so pointless. let me answer your question, and this is how its going to play out..

crabtree will sit until he learns the offense. then he will play.

a simple answer to a stupid question.

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