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I think the Niners can emulate the Giants running attack.

Originally posted by Niners99:
Originally posted by 3rdGenNiner:
I'll side with SD's running attack a few seasons ago as the standard

-LT (Gore)
-Turner (Coffee)
-Sproles (Sheets)

It;s funny their respective skill sets match more evenly than the Giants from last year

i really think our 3 RB's could be even more special. id say its pretty fair to predict:

-Emmitt Smith (Gore)
-Walter Payton (Coffee)
-Jim Brown (Sheets)

naw man, Sheets is Payton and Coffee is Brown...Gore's like a Smith/Sanders/Sayers hybrid

cute right?
Originally posted by 49wyztoscore:
If Gore runs behind Norris like he did before and we spell him with Sheets and Coffee our running attack will be dominate. The only thing that would prevent that from happening is the Defense not getting of the field.

That is the problem. The defense has no pass rush and the corners will be picked apart at some point by strong armed QBs. I have fairly good confidence the Niners will have a very good run game but this lack of a pass rush and oh yeah, no NFL worthy QB is the end of Niners before it even starts.
I could see it happening. Singeltary wants a smash mouth team like the Giants. You know they are going to run it on 3rd and 3, and probably even which side, but you just cannot stop them. That is the kind of runs that Sing wants to be able to accomplish with the O.

Everyone in the world knows we will run on 3rd and short, and everyone knows we are going to get it. I am not sure if we will make it there this year, but we might get pretty close....
Originally posted by NinerGM:
They'll have to because pass protection in its current incarnation SUCKS.

And our QB's are not franchise qb's, and the WR's are suspect at best. So this wish is more of a wish to hopefully become a reality.
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well wateva our rushing attack turns out to be i just hope we can lock them all down to long term contracts because if you notice the 2 teams we mentioned the chargers and giants those backs are not together anymore, people get greedy and want starting roles eventually
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