To me both of these guys are alike in many ways. They both dont have the bigg cannon arm. They are accurate and manage games very well. Now this one I see the most they dont get rattled or panic (happy feet). They emotionless good or bad. Watchin Shill play, after bigg plays or a big 1st down he almost dont even smle. Man knows he has more work ahead of him (unlike vd who loses it aft evey catch). And Eli is the same way. Now im not sayin Shill is a manning by any means but i see alot of Shill in him. With plenty of work. After he's offically named the starter after the dallas game. A run 1st style O which will set up and make his job alot eaiser (mryan mturner). A improved group of targets to throw it to. NOOOO more 7 step drops but more quick passes (i saw a few bubble screnes to spurlock dig to vernon) and not the 2000 pass plays martz had him take in. But detiled lesser plays. And with those things done at a high level (which sing will REQUIRE) and our D step up as advertised we can make a big run at it(Eil did it 07 he brought the lombardi home) But overall i just think Hill will be asked basically to do what Manning does for the Giants, manage the game, dont turn the ball over, get rid of it quick(3sec clock) and 3rd down completions are a MUST(WILL EARN YOU ALOT MONEY IN THIS LEAGUE ask Eli 97 mil) is huge. If our Oline can make holes for FGmoney and give S.h a few secs back there then Hill will look pretty good this year. No question about it. And we do have better recivers AND te's than the 20 starts total the gmen recivers have(their olin is better though) Thats why we gettin rid of it so fast lol . But help me out zone.... Im convinced we have our guy. The system fits him it fits frank it fits vd & dwalk & if it fits the QB RB's & the TE's then morgan ike B jones battle ziggy hill spurlock & even crabby (if he ever get his sxxx together) WILL ALLL FLOURISH............ GUYS I THINK WE HAVE SOMETHING HERE.....U