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The lets Overreact after 1 Preason Game Thread

Found this post on another site I love it

"After the niners first preseason victory over the Broncos, it's clear we were lead astray as niners fans. The lip service about hard work, preseason being about learning about your team and such has obviously just shown that this team is just destined for mediocrity once more. If the niners can't put up 56 points a quarter by this point, they never will. I for one am sick of it!

Shaun Hill

* Singletary favors Smith by giving him more playing time.
* Drove the niners on the greatest field goal drive ever, clearly starting material.
* Everybody seemed to like him more in the huddle.
* Has clear and obvious limitations and will never ever exceed those.

Alex Smith

* Obviously hasn't learned a thing in the past 2 years.
* Still has small hands.
* Didn't look like Joe, and thus, must be a complete bust...still.
* Has a super hot wife.
* Overthrew every pass by miles, and was only saved by super human efforts of receivers.
* Was extremely timid clearly.

Vernon Davis

* Has finally turned the corner in his career after 2 of the greatest catches in the history of man.
* Still hasn't learned how to be excited properly.
* Deserved to be kicked from the game after his flexing.

Pass Defense

* Clearly worse than most high schools.
* Would take an act of god to exert any real pressure on the offense.
* Is a complete failure and we should immediately trade for any NT possible NOW.

Lets call it how it is people. This is rediculous. I am sick of seeing teams come out for their first preseason game and not exhibit championship form. This never happened with Walsh. Fire Sing/JED/Mac I believe. What's Holmgren doing these days??

Oh, one more.

Brit Miller

* Future HOF'er!

Feel free to add any I may have forgotten. We cannot stand for this!"

Of course he is being sarcastic, but the majority of fans freak out in the preseason
Pass Rush = Garbage. Truth.
Glenn Coffee is another "Michael Robinson"
Glenn Coffee is God!

Balmer is a bust.
It was just the first preseason game. I wouldn't make any concrete statements about anything with regards to where the 9ers are right now.
Oh my god we missed an extra point we better start bringing in new kickers we're dead!!!!!
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Wow that was pretty hilarious. Nice find.
Originally posted by bigmur49:
Oh my god we missed an extra point we better start bringing in new kickers we're dead!!!!!

Did Joe Nedney drop dead over the week-end?
Originally posted by LambdaChi49:
Wow that was pretty hilarious. Nice find.

Agreed...freaking classic idiocy.
Mike Singletary didnt wear a suit WTF !!!
Is this for real or a joke?

Do you feel better?
2 minute warning!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
Mike Singletary didnt wear a suit WTF !!!
Weren't the Detroit Lions undefeated last year during the preseason?
Truth is as followed..

Still ZERO pass rush
Still shoddy pass protection

This equals another subpar season. 6-10 to 8-8 at best.
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