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Den. V SF Photo Recap

Like the first pic with Hill. He looks like a man on a mission.

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Originally posted by fzrdave:
Great photos! Thanks for posting them.
More gameday pictures...

and i quit at halftime
did singletary make the whole team dress up even though they didnt play? guys like moran norris and gore??
why were they suited up?
Hill was gone on this one....Great way of reading the defense.

by the way GREAT set of is all I can say.

man that helmet looks bad ass lol
Originally posted by Dajanksta:

man that helmet looks bad ass lol

ulbrich always has worn the cool helmets
Originally posted by MyKing76:
More gameday pictures...

Damn dude the quality of these pics are AMAZING... Are a professional photographer?

What type of camera do you use?
nope, just a hobby...the niners aren't hiring...haha!

i use a nikon camera...wish i had pro equipment like all those photographers on the sidelines!

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