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Defensive Analysis thread (Preseason Week 1)

Originally posted by WheresWaldo:
It's going to be hard to do that during the season when you have zero pass-rush.

We were 16th in sacks last year and we didn't lose anyone so I don't see how we have zero pass rush. I know we have hed zero interceptions from our FS the last 20 or more games.
First preseason game=things will get better
Originally posted by jreff22:
First preseason game=things will get better

Thats a given. We were missing this guy named Willis. I heard he is pretty good. LOL

It's not just about getting sacks. The problem is that we rarely get any pressure on the QB at all. You don't have to get lots of sacks to slow down a passing attack. But if you give the QB all day on almost every play (and on absolutely every 3rd down) then they will pick you apart.
Originally posted by NCommand:
Originally posted by AKfanster:
Originally posted by NCommand:
Originally posted by AKfanster:
For those of you that claim the D looked so bad cause we were playing vanilla........ SAVE THAT s**t. It doesn't excuse the OLBs lack of pressure. Lawson was clearly ineffective against the pass. He was easily blocked right out of passing plays just like he's been since being drafted. Haralson DID PLAY (despite what some are claiming) and he looked very sluggish. The overall scheme could be a little at fault, but it wasn't like these guys weren't trying. Did you see Lawson before the snaps? He was chomping at the bit to get after the QB, but he just couldn't get it done.
The bottom line is our OLBs couldn't beat the man in front of them.

On the flip side, this was just one game. One preseason game at that.
It's still early, so Sing/Manusky have time to get this fixed before the season. But if they cannot find the answer, we'll have another disappointing season.

Good point. Singletary was NOT happy and nor should he be - vanilla or not. I do agree the scheme was very Nolan-like and even more predictable with the OLB's up at the LOS the whole game - no movement, no switching, no pacing back and forth pre-snap looking to attack gaps, no OLB's really rushing inside, etc. Vanilla but something we have seen from our d-coordinators for ages now.

Either way, that does not excuse the fact that all of our front 7 got their nuts cracked in individual drills.

This must have been Lawson's chance to prove he could rush the passer. FAIL.

Can anyone explain to me why D.Evans was playing NT last night (and getting abused)?

I was wondering the samething. I watched Evans play in Washington he plays hard but really ins't too effective. And that was at 4-3 DE so i have no clue how he's gonna work out as a DE in teh 3-4 but he can't play Nt at all. I think when you re watch the tape you will be more please with Mckillop. though I think he gaffed a few times, on other plays he looked pretty instinctive and made a few good tackles.
1. it's just pre-season. remember when we got 4 sacks in the first half against greenbay last year and looked dominate? yeah....

2. with that said, the pass rush did look pretty bad. it kept seeming like the ends would spin OUTSIDE, and then there was nothing there because of no push from the NT

3. run D looked ok at times

4. secondary looked pretty good overall, but whats up with playing 7 yards off on a 3rd and 2? come on give our DB's a chance to make the play.

nate clements' pick was pretty awesome. absolutely baited orton into thinking he was headed out to the flats. thats what i expect from the $80 million dollar man!

overall there was some good, but we have a loooooooooooooooooooong way to go based on what i saw and im sure singletary/manusky agree with that
Originally posted by King49er:
terrible pass rush

There was a terrible pass rush? I didn't see any pass rush, even a terrible one.

If it was me, based on what I've seen so far, I'd reshuffle the DL depth chart this way:

RDE: J. Smith; D. Evans

NT: A. Franklin; K. Mitchell

LDE: I. Sopoaga; K. Balmer

Yes, I liked K. Mitchell that much. He's got the size and the attitude, and plays hard. He's a rookie, so he may need to learn behind Franklin for a year, but put him next to J. Smith, and either motivate Sopoaga to play harder or replace him with Ray Mac, D. Evans, or RJF, and then you might have a 3-4 with a DL that gives you something.

I'd consider keeping RJF for depth, or PS if not. If R. MacDonald returns, and if he plays up to his past performances, then RJF to PS for sure.

PS for Egboh, who is way undersized, but showed some ability--PS and let him bulk up.

I'd let Sopoaga know he's in a competition. He's way too soft at NT. IMHO.
The takeaways were the one aspect of the game that I was very pleased with.
Originally posted by fzrdave:
The takeaways were the one aspect of the game that I was very pleased with.

I was also very pleased with the turnovers! I think these also are exactly what this defense needs to help them get into the mentality of getting turnovers on a constant basis. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come this season!

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