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How many zoners are going to overreact if we lose

How many zoners are going to overreact if we lose

There's always some.

all the vets hahaha
Originally posted by SFCH3DDERZ:
9 out of 10.

Way too conservative. 95 out of 100.
ive got my can of gas and baseball bats all ready to go destroy things

i work today so im gonna have an unproductive, listens to the radio, drives slowly, watches tv between doing stuff kinda day. gotta wait for sunday for the replay
  • crzy
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I don't care about winning or losing. I care about how the first team looks.
Originally posted by crzy:
I don't care about winning or losing. I care about how the first team looks.

If we lose, it will mean that our benchwarmers, practice squad-bound guys and camp fodder guys are not quite as good as the Broncos' benchwarmers, practice squaders and camp fodder guys are.

We can't let this happen!
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Niner talk is to be avoided at all cost if we lose this game, preseason or not, the masses will freak the f**k out!
What do you mean "if" we lose......... We CANT lose, that would spell disaster for our season. We have alot riding on this game! ALOT! We CAN'T lose to Nolan's D, cause that will mean we made a mistake in firing him! Then, Crabtree's agent will raise his already high contract demands. We should've signed Vick when we had the chance, now we're screwed! Oh GOD, I can't handle another loosing season, I CAN'T!
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probably a lot. Didn't you know that preseason games is a tell tale sign for who wins the super bowl
PLEASE understand that most of what we do tonight will be ultra-vanilla, and Denver will do the same.
A lot, which is crazy in that most teams aren't really that interesed in winning or losing preseason games.
Originally posted by mrbusinessman499:
its just a preseason game but ive seen people say o the niners suck there garbage after one lose or a couple of them in the preseason its just preseason people!! that stuff makes me

If we lose, I predict that there will be alot of this:

;From Smith Haters

Or a LOT of this:

;From Shaun Hill, jock carriers

AAnd Vice Versa from the other camp.

Me?!? I'm gonna be like this:

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We are much deeper than Denver at the skill positions. We should be playing well deep into the game. Huard in the 4th qrt is some nice depth at the qb position.
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