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IT'S GAME DAY! You Call The Score!

I am leaning with 24-6 or 17-6, niners! If you consider how long the starters will be playing this game, it definitely favors the niners. By the time AS gets in there, they will probably have their second stringers in, while AS will still be playing with the first team...
24-10 49ers.

Just turned my Direct TV last night so I could watch the game. Can't wait. GO NINERS!!!!!!!!
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55-10 niners =D (sound familiar?)

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Sing 1000 SUIT 0
17-6 Niners!!!! Defense holds them to two FG!!!
30-7 Niners
Its preseason mistakes will be made and points will be scored with Niners being on top gotta believe Huard can exploit backups .. 24 - 16 NINERS
I hope the physical tempo of Singletary's practices cure us of our early season softness against the run. It seems that backs can just knife through us at the beginning of the season every year.

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Crabtree 20 mill. - Eugene Parker 18% cut.

Wait what are we predicting ?
a lot of bumbling and stumbling. That's all i'm predicting. I just wanna see the rooks perform! Don't give a damn about the score.
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Niners 28-10!
28-20 4D9ERS
It's a preseason game, so there's no telling what the final score will be.
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