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Who was the better #21?

Who was the better #21?

Originally posted by cools:
with all due respect to Frank and Prime time, this was the best #21 for us

Wow, Deion better than Eric? Don't get me wrong, Deion was lights out that ONE year, but Eric did it for years.....

GTFOH with Deion gettin' more votes than Eric!
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Your thread is incoherent? What are you asking people to vote on? Who was the better number 21 in Niners' history? Who was the better number 21 in NFL history? I am lost on the subject.

Put a nuke on this thread, restart it from scratch, clearly explaining what you want to people to vote upon, and re-submit.

P.S. Mods, how much do I have to pay someone to lock a thread where the poster cannot spell the player's name correctly? It just shows a sloppiness that should not be tolerated.

There is no "K" in Eric Wright.

My bad about the "K". Simple typo and I fixed it.

I would hardly call this thread incoherent... what part of it don't you get actually? It was a simple question asking everyone, "Out of the two options given, who was the better 21?" What was so hard about that.... I originally didn't want Eric Wright included because i KNEW everyone would vote for him and there would be no contest... Then everyone started b***hin and moanin so I added him...

Now you're getting on me for the meaning of the poll? Use common sense. If someone said, "Who was the better president, Jimmy Carter or Ronald Regan?" are you gonna say, "Of what country? Maybe I wanna say Boris Yeltsin." It would be obvious by the choices given that I was referring to just the niner 21's and even more so, just the better of the 2 choices given. That is why I only had the 2.
I will have to go with Frank on this one.
I could never vote for a player that has left our team for the cowgirls
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deion easily.
Prime Time come on he was a game breaker though Eric Wright would be a close #2!!!
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Easily Deion
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