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Stupid Media

What's up with the haters in the Bay Area Media?

from espn:
The key statistics for the 49ers so far in training camp: 19 practices, 18 in pads, three "nutcracker" drills and seven injuries lasting a week or longer.

So far, tight end Delanie Walker (concussion), cornerback Terall Brown (toe), linebacker Patrick Willis (foot), running back Michael Robinson (groin), guard David Baas (foot), linebacker Parys Haralson (hip flexor) and wide receiver Brandon Jones (fractured shoulder) have missed or are expected to miss a week or more of camp, with Jones out for eight weeks.

That's led to talk in the local media about the physicality of the 49ers' training camp. But coach Mike Singletary said no when asked if he'd consider cutting back on the physical nature in the face of mounting injuries. "Not one bit," he said.

For Singletary and his players, the constant hitting is meant to establish a mentality they hope to carry into the regular season.

--The Associated Press

Brandon Jones's injury did not occur because of contact drils etc. nor did Willis's from what i've been told. Robinson's groin? come on folks! Baas has been hobbled by his foot for a while. Haters! Looking for something to gripe about.
At least it's not about Crabtree.

This is exactly what we needed. to be pyhsical. we've been looking like a bunch of p***y's out there the last 5 years. time to man up! FOOTBALL!!!! Contact sport. we need to have that mentality of we will punch you in your freakin mouth !!!!!

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the brandon jones thing pisses me off more than anything. he dove for the ball. hell yeah at least he was putting forth the effort. we'll hold fort without him until his return
Its got nothing to do with the media, its that football has gotten soft. Players like Jack Tatum, Jack Lambert, Ronnie Lott, aka, the hard hitters couldn't exist in today's game.

We may have some hurt players, but they're not out for the season (glares at the Eagles).

I can guarentee you that the majority of hits that Lott had during his career would be fines in today game.

Singletary isn't doing anything different then what was done back in the day. A physical football team is a stronger football team.

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I'm sure if we had a REAL game on Sunday Willis, Walker, Brown, would be probable, Baas and Robinson would be Questionable and Jones would be out.

And I say that about Brown because I think they are sitting him to get a long look at Bly @ cornerback. Just like they faked an injury to S. Hill last summer so JTO could get reps

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yea its pretty dumb....

like the niners are the only team who has had a injured player in training camp.

the eagles lost two players for the year and you dont hear anyone saying there camps are too "physical"
We have a lot of good stories here, even if they are only half truths and misconceptions.

It's "us against the world" this season.

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true the nfl has gotten very soft. sad. it's almost to two hand touch on the QB!
Good old 49ER Plummer said that these practices pale in comparison to the practices back when this team was really good. Thankfully all of our injuries appear short term except one.
Originally posted by 49ERwhiner:
Good old 49ER Plummer said that these practices pale in comparison to the practices back when this team was really good. Thankfully all of our injuries appear short term except one.

yes , they don't compare cuz we were good , Now we are bad team trying to be good or decent team so that's why we have to learn how to hit someone in the mouth and make him cry to atleast have a chance to win the game !
i don't know how i feel about the "fiscality" of the TC yet. While i like the contact to get us geared up for the season and the toughness that may translate to the field i am always worried that a star player will go down for a long period of time.

Now i realize that is part of football but if Gore or Willis goes down for the year or a long period of time there goes the season.

I can see the threads now if a major injury is sustained to one of our core players, WTF was sing thinking, Fire Sing, Dumbass Sing.

So i am on the fence about this one. If we make it through TC relatively healthy i am all for it, if not, i'm ready for the i told you so threads.

I don't know, but I think it's safe to blame it on Crabtree.
yeah, i have heard about 3 players getting carted off from the Eagles TC (none very serious), but other teams have more missing players than us.
Originally posted by Joecool:
I don't know, but I think it's safe to blame it on Crabtree.

Ya...I heard the polar cap was melting and Polar Bears were dying....what the hell does Crabtree have against Polar Bears?

Jerk. (Crabtree that is. )

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Willis will be back for the season. I bet he could play this preseason, but its best to rest your best player. Haralson is already back, nad I'm sure that none of those are TOO serious except Jones's shoulder.

Anyways, if you go to, you'll read headlines about a lot of other players getting injured.....

Antonio Bryant, Steve Smith, Brian Cushing, T.O, Donnie Avery, and so many more...
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