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QB Pressure
Originally posted by BETTERDAYZ9ERS:
QB Pressure

That's the key defensively. A lot of pressure. Rogers has been hit & sacked a ton this year.
You hit em in the mouth!
hope Rodgers throws 5 picks.
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Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
hope Rodgers throws 5 picks.
Unfortunately the way our offense has been playing we probably won't win.
Score more than 10 points.
Originally posted by BETTERDAYZ9ERS:
QB Pressure

Yes, QB pressure. The Packers have a horrible offensive line and Rodgers is being killed back there - most sacks in the NFL. It's so bad for the Pack that I'm surprised Rodgers is still healthy enough to still be playing (he's nicked up right now). If he has to leave the game, then there is a huge drop off to their #2 QB Matt Flynn. On the other hand, I think Matt Flynn is going to become the better former LSU QB in the NFL when compared to JaMarcus Russell before all is said and done.
"Dominate" their OL and block better for Frank and Alex!!!!!
We give that whacky mad genius, Jimmy Raye, ten days to game plan.

Originally posted by hubbyt:
I'm reading alot of posts about the 49ers going 6-1 the rest of the way and losing to Philly but how do we beat Green Bay? I hope for damn sure we arent overlooking them. They have a good offense and defense. Their offensive line is poor but against us I'm willing to bet we make them look solid. So lets just say we come away with 2 sacks what else are we going to do to get a win at Lambeau? Green Bay is #4 in total defense which I'm shocked at. 8th in pass D, 9th in rush D .. I have a hunch that we will need to score over 24 in order to beat them .. can we do it?? Weigh in people .. Rodgers wont throw us 5 INTS like Cutler .... I'm putting this one on Manusky if he can devise a scheme to limit GB like he did against Peyton we can get it done IMO .. LETS GO ..

Also we have 10 days to sign a punt returner lol ..

On the contrary, i am putting this on Raye and the offense. Our defense USUALLY plays good enough sometimes great, but it the offense i am worried about. We are not gonna beat to many teams only scoring 10 points.
not the way we beat Chi.
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I doubt Aaron will tossup 5 picks....but given great amount of pressure...he might give up 1 or 2.

O-line again protect Alex Smith....give him time to make plays. Smith did things make things happen when things broke down but...U shouldn't want that for ur QB. Alex...don't force within yourself & it will come.

Jimmy Raye....we have a interesting core of offensive players: Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Josh Morgan, Jason Hill & Michael Crabtree.....etc...etc. We have to find ways to score points. We can be play both SMART as well as AGGRESSIVE.
Originally posted by 9erfan4life:
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
hope Rodgers throws 5 picks.
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I seem to remember a stat cited by the commentators during the Pack/Vikes game that listed Manning and Rodgers as 1 and 2 in passer rating when being blitzed.

Sooo... I dont' think we should blitz. I hope 4 line man can get it done, and if they can't I hope our secondary holds.
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