Originally posted by Legbreaker:
First half = 21-0 loss.

Second half = 21-3 win.

If Coach Sing has a brain cell in his melon, he will use that to rally this team for a nearly impossible situation next week...a road game against the best QB in the NFL.

Honestly...the defense can ill afford the mistakes made by Clements (a low tackle that surrendered a score), Roman (p*ss poor coverage on Owen Daniel, who he was clearly afraid of), or Spencer (who blew it out his @ss by over committing so hard on a play action fake that he left Owen Daniel by himself against Dashon Goldson).

Our return game is terrible. This one is on whoever made the decision to bounce Rossum. Whey keep Spurlock if he will NEVER see the field? This is the worst move of the season.

Chilo Rachal is lacking one thing: confidence. He's getting his @ss handed to him because he is tentative. This is making him slow off of the snap...and that is unacceptable for an aggressive blocker. He should be benched until he can get his sh*t straight. He will do the team absolutely no good if he continues to second guess himself.

Our offensive line has got to learn to get their continuity straightened the f*ck out. Poor blocking vs. 7 in the box with 2 tight ends in the game is un-f*cking acceptable. Frank can't run without blocking. If we can't run, we won't win.

Alex Smith has clearly developed a better rapport with our receivers than Hill. Good, bad, or ugly...he has a dimension to his game that Hill does not. It appears that his shoulder has healed, and that he is comfortable enough with Raye's digit terminology that he will enable the team to shift gears midgame...something they have had a difficult time doing thus far. If he does not start next week, I will not watch the game.

Vernon Davis is a huge mismatch against a safety. If there is a snowballs chance in hell of the Niners drawing a mismatch next week, its Davis vs. Bob Sanders.

Halftime adjustments were great on both sides of the ball. The defense was able to contain Daniel and Johnson with scheme, the pass rush really stepped up, and most importantly, eliminated mental errors. The offense shifted on the fly, seeming to alter their strategy 180 degrees, and the results were impressive. It will take a start to see if Smith is genuinely improved and accustomed to Raye's system, or if he took an average defense by surprise...but his ability to stretch the field with the deep ball added a new facet to Jimmy Raye's playcalling. If the Niners are going to make any noise at all in the coming weeks, they will need this to continue.

Finally...Michael Crabtree is for real. Wow. Just wow. If he stays at X and allows Morgan to play in the slot (where he can get off the ball much quicker), or Vernon Davis to motion slot out of a "21" personnel package, he will mean more to this offense than any of us had the right to imagine.

Will Alex get it done for the long haul? Maybe. But one thing is for sure...he'd better start next week if any of us want to see a passing game.

Are you sure? By the way, I'm just curious what your fellow writer Kolohe has to say about today's game. Being he's a Hill supporter, i'm just curious if he still feels that there should be no QB change... Just wonderin:)