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Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
10am away game.

I think our defense will be able to rebound. Offensively, if we can't get it going against the Texans, then we never will.

My feeling, too - very unpopular with some posting here.

But it's the truth.

This is the one that could break the season. Tough teams are coming up. Houston matches up about with the 49ers. The odds should favor the 49ers as against ATL.

If Houston does the same thing - it changes everything. Right now, particularly before ATL, it looked as if the 49ers would have to work very, very hard NOT to reach 9-7. 10-6 was just a surprise victory away.

They lose to Houston, how to they get to 9-7? 7-9 is more like it, which is more of the same. It's Nowin football by another name. Another year of 'retooling', 'rebuilding' the once-storied-franchise.

They have to beat Houston!!!!! Let's hope a decent mid-level 49ers team shows up, doesn't turn it over, and decisively beats Houston. Where's the team that played the Vikes, beat them, but then handed them the game? Just don't do the last bit, and beat some of the teams next on the schedule. They have to figure out what they've done right, and fall back on that rather than panic when things go wrong - as they clearly did in the ATL game.
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
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We should not lose this game. We match up well with them imo, but after the bye and that horrible loss we had if we don't hit them in the mouth with a solid win I will lose my mind and cry.
where's the official bye week thread?
Originally posted by WestCoast:
where's the official bye week thread?

its splattered all over Niner Talk and it sounds like "ZOMG THE D SUX!"
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I believe we win in a close game.
I am really hoping that Crabtree does make a difference as he did the first time he stepped onto the college field of play.

He just screamed here I am. He did it high school and he did it at Texas Tech. I hope he does it for us. There is no doubt of his ability. He's supposedly a top tier, franchise type WR. Well, let him put his play where his mouth is...time to shine young one.

Hope he does and we get a another viable weapon for our QBs.

I see our OL coming together for Hill and Gore. They pride themselves as being good when they are on. When they come together as a unit, they open big holes. We saw that last year. We saw some of it this year. Now, these guys must step up and protect and open holes.

The other resurgence I would love to see if of course our pass rush. These guys can penetrate and use their technique to apply pressure to disrupt Schaub and shut down Slaton who has not done as well this year.

We certainly can win this game.

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We need to put pressure on Shaub so Johnson doesn't go all Roddy White on us.
I'd like to think that the Atlanta game was a real wake-up call...for the coaches, for the defense, and particularly the o-line. Shaun Hill, too.

The extra week to prepare should help, not just to game-plan the Texans in depth, but to take a breath, take stock, and re-affirm the commitment.

I actually trust Singletary and his staff to take it to the next level in terms of coming up with an effective plan to address the Texans on both sides of the ball. I think our defense will rebound and play tough.

I am concerned about the OL, though. They're not particularly good these days at either run-blocking or pass protection. For some reason this group just has accepted getting beaten. I'm not a psychologist so I can't tell you why this is so, but someone has to light a fire within them. Probably not Foerster or Singletary, but maybe Heitmann or Staley. Or Justin Smith or Willis.

Wish I had the answer, but if the OL doesn't get it's act together now, we could be in some trouble no matter how well everybody else plays.

Semper Fidelis.


We'll win this game so decisively that Andre Johnson will demand to be traded to us.
On our way to 14-2!!!!
hate to say it but this is pretty much our season. either we lose, go to 3-3 (either tied with the seahawks or the cards in first), and have too much creeping doubt to recover from or we win and do it all again the following week.

i was counting this as a W a couple weeks ago but i just dont know which 49ers team is going to show up now.
I really think this team will be focused this week. I hope after getting our a$fes handed to us, we come out to win the game agressively & not playing not to lose. I'm ready for this team to step up big time.
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