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Niner fans going to dallas pre-season game?

wow really, who cares about crabtree. I was all about him when i was sitting in NY at the and they called his name. But now i dont give a damn about him till he steps on the field... and then i still might not for this year.
I will be ATTENDING Woohoo!!! cant wait section 138 row 22... Will be wearing a Gore Jersey
I will be wearing my White New Authentic Joe Nedney Jersey... Yep i said it.. Im repping the Kicker this year. If anyone wants to tailgate before the game or something hollar me we can try to put a little something together.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Is Crabtree allowed to attend the game as a fan?

Nothing would stop him from buying a ticket and sitting in the stands (I think Stephon Marbury did the same thing for a Knick game in LA after he was banished from the team).

But I think that would be a bad move for Crab so I wouldn't expect it.
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