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When? September 13, 2009

Arizona (Game being broadcast locally on FOX)

When? 1:15 pm PST

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This thread will be merged with the Gameday thread once we hit the date. For now, use this thread for your musing re the game...

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After watching our 4 preseason games, we have NO chance against Arizona's receivers unless we BLITZ, and BLITZ often. Our "stud" corners can barely cover 2nd stringers; if we give them extra help and allow Fitz/Boldin to be double covered (with safety help), Warner will still find ways to pick us apart. Lets face it.....our pass rush isnt the best, and the only advantage we have is Warner's mobility (or lack thereof). If we can force Warner into making throws, combined with our ball-hawkish D, we might actually create some turnovers.

Of course, Manusky hasnt gotten this point for the past 2 years....he seems to be satisfied with 3 to 4 man rush the majority of times.....and as you can see, 3rd stringers find ways to beat our all-pro corners.

And yes, I am well aware that we have been playing vanilla defense in both preseason and regular season for the past 7 years, and this year we're really gonna show them what we have in store in Manusky's magic hat of defensive schemes.
pass rush increased last season after the AZ game and bye when Manusky was able to install some of his own packages. The few times that the niners have blitzed this preseason, they have gotten pressure. No sacks, but the pressure has resulted in picks.
i just want to win
Originally posted by teeohh:
i just want to win

Definitely. But the problem lies during the times in the game when we only rush 4. The QB will get at least 7 seconds. Nobody in this team has showed that they can get to the QB one on one.

It looks like its the same problem all over again.

Next years draft
OL line
Pass rusher
What's a blitz again? Oh yeah, it's what the other team does to us.

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i have to believe that we will somehow get the job done and win,

we need to gameplan really well
Gonna be there! Woooohoooo! I'll cheer my a*s off for you guys!

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Man, after a very upbeat off-season and training camp....I just don't know what this team is gonna look like.

There is potential there. But the team needs to meet that potential.

With that being said. I hope Manusky unleashes the wolves and that we pound the Arizona D with Gore and Coffee. Some screens to Vernon Davis some, some dig routes for Bruce and J. Hill (he will make the team..i hope), over the middle catches with Battle and lots of down the field plays to Jones and Morgan.


Let's do this s**t.
this team looks horrible. I can't remember a worse pre-season. Hill looks like a deer in headlights on every 3rd down play as the OL can't seem to pick up one or two mad pass rushers. The defense looks like they have sinkers in there shoes. They will never beat zona playing like this.
Originally posted by teeohh:

After watching us play the Chargers I am in such a bad mood 'cause I live in AZ and our odds don't seem decent!!! Unless we unleash some habanero defense to flavor the vanilla defense, we have no chance against the Tards! Established offense with 2 awesome wide receivers...judging by preseason, there's no way Clements or Bly or Brown or John Doe will be able to cover them....and without a pass rush, it'll be so easy for Warner! UGH...I am so pissed.
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