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As of right now the WR corps is the same as last year.

Bruce is already the one guy that Raye states is a lock ------ MR consistent.

Morgan is o longer suffering from the results of his Staph infection and is healthy and having another good camp.

Battle who is also healthy and having a good camp ------ he was very productive last season until he got dinged up.

Honorable mention goes to Zeigler who has caught the eye of many writers including Gil Brandt in camp practices so far ------ will it translate to game time ? I bet yes.

Brandon Jones was having a great camp so his eventual return should bode well.

And then there is Jason hill who was good last year but had the hamstring thing during OTA's and has been pretty quiet so far during this camp.

And then there is Crabtree maybe later in the season ?

I can see why Singletary feels pretty good with what he has.
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Even with Crabtree, considering he is a rookie, our WRs aren't as deep as many say. The Jones injury was huge. Even if Crabtree doesn't miss a game, rookie receivers usually have a rought first year, we have a lot of ?'s at WR. Who knows how Bruce will perform this year, it's hard to imagine he will be as good as he was last year. We just have to have faith in Morgan, and also Jason Hill (who I haven't heard much about this offseason). I haven't seen Battle play in a while, so I have to hold my judgement on him... he's been injured a lot.

Don't forget or count out D.Zeigler he is having a great camp.
The Wr pos will be just fine IMO,not like it was just a couple of years ago that's for sure.

With all the hype that Zeigler gets I sure hope he doesn't disappoint.

Didn't you see him last year in limited play?He did pretty good

He has the height,at 6'3" the tallest WR on the roster along with some speed and hands but he sure can use some more weight(185).

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