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The Matts Appreciation Thread

I'd just like to give a toast to two of the best beat writers in all of sports.

Matt Barrows and Matt Maiocco have consistently given us very informative blog posts as well as in-depth articles on our favorite football team. Two prime examples are linked on the homepage today:

Matt Maiocco's article on our new Quartberback Coach

Matt Barrows' article on Bear Pascoe

Not only are their pieces well-written but they provide a glimpse at some aspects of the 49ers that Die-Hard and casual fans would appreciate.

Even this piece from Matt Maiocco, which had nothing to do with the 49ers, is one of the most heartfelt articles I have ever read, sports or otherwise:

With all the recent ESPN Michael Crabtree sit-out rumors swirling all over, we should look only to the Sac Bee and Press Democrat links as our only reliable sources of Niner information. Matt Barrows and Matt Maiocco's words should be taken as Niner Talk Gospel.
As Niner fans we are considerably blessed to have not only one but two talented and dedicated writers. I am a daily reader of both blogs I must say their volume of work as never damaged their high level of journalism. Not only are they there at every twist and turn but their dedication to professionalism and quality work keeps our mouth's watering for more. I want to personally say thank you to both Matt's for what they do and look forward to reading their work for many more years to come.
Here Here

Matt on FB, and Matt on Twitter

Great info 24-7. I love it! Being on the East Coast, with the info they give it feels like I am back home!

Thanks Matts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys already nailed this one ------ ------ to both of the Matt's
Sando FTW
Originally posted by billybonka:
Sando FTW

Sando aint all that. If you want stuff specific to the Hawks or the Cards he'll hook it up. Niners and Rams hes basically rehashing what other ppl say. Matt n Matt..word of the Niner gods.

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Congratulations on having the name Matt

Thanks for insight and your hard work!!

Originally posted by King49er:
Congratulations on having the name Matt

Wow Thanks Buddy
Now the team needs to step up to the level of the media coverage being provided by the Matts. A big Thank You to both of them. It's time to raise your game 49ers!
We are the fiends and the Matt's are the pushermen, bringing us our sweet, sweet fix.

For this I say, thank you pushermen, thank you.
Originally posted by matt49er:
Originally posted by King49er:
Congratulations on having the name Matt

Wow Thanks Buddy

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I really like Matt Maiocco. Very informative articles, and a very level-headed treatment of the 49ers. He is not a fan-boy that always believes the 49ers will succeed, but neither is he a writer that "flames" the 49ers to get more readers - which seems to be a very common problem with the Bay Area writers. When he does say something negative, he backs it up with proof and arguments, but in a rather dispassionate way. I definitely listen when Matt speaks.
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