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Ziegler vs Hill

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Among all the Michael Crabtree news, it got me thinking. If we sign him, who will be our long term #3 guy? Isaac Bruce can't play forever and Brandon Jones might keep getting hurt every season. And Arnaz Battle needs to show up this season.

So....I'm asking Ziegler vs Hill?

I'm taking Ziegler.

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zEIgler. Remember, i before e except after z.
Hill has shown us more during games than Zeigler.

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Originally posted by Norcal9erfan:
Hill has shown us more during games than Zeigler.

exactly. actually hes had 30 catches to zeigler's 5.

go figure.
hill, because he is the better slot reciever, and we need one. bruce isnt gonna be here forever
Hill for a couple of reasons.

1. He has shown more in actual games.

2. He can play special teams coverage unit.
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Originally posted by Norcal9erfan:

How is that topic related to this one?....that one talks about Zeigler. This one talks about who you would rather have Hill or Zeigler. Get it right. Fail.
What's with people raggin' on JHill. Dude can play. He makes clutch catches, tough ones and has run after catch abilities. I personally love his game.
Originally posted by Paul_Hofer:
zEIgler. Remember, i before e except after z.

That deserved a chuckle.

I thought Jason Hill started to come on late last season, but Zeigler's got some good hands. I'll hold judgment 'til preseason.

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Right now for me I would have to rate Hill higher for his performance thus far, which should outweigh potential. Even though that’s hypocritical of me because I am a Alex Smith fan.

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Another thread...another misspelled Niners' name.


P.S. At least HILL was spelled correctly.

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I would have to go with Hill using last season as a gauge ------ but the writer's seem to be pretty impressed with Zeigler's hands during this camp. I like Hill's size too but then again that thin little Zeigler hasn't missed any time do to injuries that I can remember. I would like to see both of them when they are going against some unfamiliar opposition the pre-season games. I am Rooting for both of them to improve and make nice contributions for the team.
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whoever picks ziegler should be banned
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