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What year did you become a 49er fan?

What year did you become a 49er fan?

In 1984
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A fan - 1997 (I was just old enough to understand the game)
A hardcore fan - 2004 (i know, pretty crazy one of the worst niner seasons ever)
Around 2000-2001 i was only 7 and my first jersey was a Garcia home jersey ha
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I became a fan at age 11 am now so much a fan my first deed of the day is to read any and all 9er news. I truly feel like the dark cloud over our team is starting to clear. The times we've had the past few years are nothing compared to the mid to late 70's. But through it all, my heart and loyalty will always be with the San Francisco 49ers!
I was born in the same year as the 49ers. I remember going to Kezar with my Dad and Uncles and seeing Y A Tittle and the Niners against the Baltimore Colts and Johnny U.
wow...a bunch of newbies....1978 in da house!!!!
1984...I was 4 and All I remember was we were one of the premire teams and the rest was history. 25 years...

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it was 1981 and I was 11 years old
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1960s. Who remembers John David Crow?

I do. Ken Willard too, although he was a little later. I grew up in a small town in the foothills - Sonora. For some reason I was a Colts fan as a kid. Loved Johnny U., Lenny Moore, and Jim Porky Parker. In my late teens something made me realize, "Hey, you live near San Franciso; you should root for the local guys." Became a Niners fan in '70 just as the Nolan era (the semi good one) was beginning.
the first game i ever sat down and watched was sb 19. when your a kid you always go for the team that wins, and we all know who won that day. i was 9 years old. i'm 34 now with my kids watching our beloved niners at the stick at least once a year.

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