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What year did you become a 49er fan?

What year did you become a 49er fan?

Mid '60s. It wasn't a sudden thing, it was more gradual.
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1970. Listening on the radio, losing to the Cowboys in the playoffs year after year. Not recovering 2 onside kicks by Dallas in 72. John Brodie and Gene Washington, with that huge Fro.
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My estimate was wrong it appears 80-89 is winning. But I never thought about the people born as 49er fans, so some of you were too young to remember the first years of being a fan. The only team I could have been born a fan to was the California Angels, my dad was a big baseball fan. I started detesting baseball when I was 10 when I "retired" from little league, that is when I seriously started following football. I lived the same distance from the Chargers and L.A. Rams, most people were Ram fans as they were better, I happened to pick the Niners as they were a division rival, and I loved to argue and get in fights as a kid. So that is my story and I'm sticking to it. Never lived out of So Cal and haven't seen a game since the Rams left town, I used to go to Anaheim stadium when the 49ers visited, not a bad place as 1/2 the fans were 49er fans. The Niners won every game I saw in person, and I watched Roger Craigs epic run against them, those were the days.

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1992 when I moved to SF. Never watched football before then except for an occasional super bowl.
I became a fan during the 92-93 seasons. My family was mostly Cowboy fans, and I had to be different. So, to be different, I started rooting for the Niners in the NFC championship games. When we finally beat them in 94 I was hooked. It was such a great feeling to see the team FINALLY beat those guys in the playoffs.

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1987, I was ten years old.
I was born into it, but didn't really start paying attention until . . . 2004 i was 11
1984, born into it but was more intested in playing football then watching it till High School.
Best moment, The Catch 2. Especially because I was at my uncles who hates the niners and my cousin who liked the packers
1989 when i was born.
1982, I even have taught my son (who is 2) to say Go Niners, and he asks to wear his Jerry Rice jersey.

I was born into a family that lived and died for the Niners. We lived for Sunday games at Kezar and Candlestick my dad has had season tickets since the 1950’s. I became a Niner fan when I went to the first game I could remember at Kezar in 1968 it was a pre-season game between the Browns and Niners.

During the ‘70’s proudly wore my Niner jacket, sweat shirts, and hats even though we sucked and had Raider fans at school (pretty much the entire school) making my life miserable. Got into a lot of fights defending the Niner nation which made the ‘80’s such sweet revenge when we started winning SB's
1997, just after I moved to the US. I was 9 when i first saw them play. I think it was against the Falcons. Been a fan ever since!
Originally posted by NASTYNATE22:
i became a fan on Jan 28 1990. first football game i sat down and actually watched the whole thing with out getting up. i was 6 years old.

This. I was 6 and had never seen a football game before. My very first Super Bowl Party.
1959. I was three years old. First game at Kezar. Season ticket holder still. Been through worse times than the last six years, but it is getting old, like me..
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