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Im really rooting for Manny this year

Originally posted by StOnEy333:
Well since Nolan isn't around with his bichazz "Big Nickel", maybe Manny won't get lost on the bench for half the season.

yup. i think with enough pt he can get between 6-12 sacks for sure. in only 7 real games last year he got 3, and he had some explosive st plays like a blocked fg iirc. so well see. but i like manny and have confidence in him.
Manny, along with a few other high profile Niners, have spent time as the the favorite whippin boy on these forums in the last year or so.

I personally think most if not all those players are going to make those who critisized them look foolish, although i am sure those people will try to spin those players emergence somehow to lessen the shame they feel for being soooooo damn reactionary.
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