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I see the post but not the poll. Pay him?

I see the post but not the poll. Pay him?

Originally posted by WestCoast:
i really really hate rookie contracts....

Hell yeah... the NFL really needs to follow the NBA's footsteps with the rookie minimum. Crabtree has done nothing to deserve over 20 guaranteed. That is a lot more than most established receivers in this league... Also, I might get some heat for this, he is far from a sure thing. Doesn't have the blazing speed and average size. Also, he did play in the spread. I hope he is great, but I don't feel comfortable paying him like he is a pro bowler while he is still limping around and hasn't played one snap...Bottom line is he was picked tenth, and there is a reason why nine teams passed on him.

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We all know the story. We've all heard the details. What's your opinion? Do we pay Crabs? I say Hell No.
i agree he aint worth the money. we shouldve drafted orakpo. orakpo = a pass rush crabtree = b. jones
Oh please. Lets not go overboard here. Everyone and their momma knows Crabtree is 3 times the receiver Jones is.
he hasnt played a down yet so we dont know. rashaun woods was better than b.jones coming out of college. you saw how that worked out.

Did Rashaun Woods Ever have the college career Crabtree had???
i dont think so
bad comparison bro!!!!!
Crabtree is on a whole notha level

Actually Woods had a brilliant college career. You better go look up the numbers.

good yea but brilliant thats a lil far fetched dont u think............ok but did his career stood out like Crabtree's?
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