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PYMWYMI, Year 4.... (2009-2010)

Originally posted by kidash98:
Originally posted by 49Fever:
thanks Kid

by the way i made your life easier in return by putting the names in alphabetical order so you can use this post to continue you're much needed work
no thanks needed it's a pleasure helping

Thanks 49Fever! I might ask for your help once we close this thread...

Thanks again!

- 98

you're welcomed kid
no problemo for more help
the only problem is that i don't look very often at my PM 'cos i never receive any
In fact the first one was on 30th of june 2009 and i was only aware of it ... today ! (sorry again tallpaul for the late response ... oups)
so it tells you the story
or try my mail
7-9 plus or minus 2
10 - 6
9-7 this might be enough to make the playoffs on a tie breaker.
Originally posted by Micky6:
Originally posted by kidash98:
Originally posted by NineFourNiner:

Page 13, post 186.

This year's voting is shaping up to be more uniform than in years past - less spread in the number of projected wins.

Almost 70% of voters think that we will win 9 or 10 games this year, while only 10% expect a losing record.

We're still about 100 votes shy of last year's votes, though.

that's a nearly perfect curb of Gauss
ahhhh mathematics and football prediction ...
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9-7. NFC West champs.
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If Alex Smith starts any games 7-9

If Hill starts the entire season 9-7
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Originally posted by jrg:

dude, really? You've been here only enough
Originally posted by jrg:

wow man and you have 33K+ posts ...
Wonder what you put in your posts and if you read thread topics
PYMWYMI is only in it's fifth season !

OK here's some history :
A few years ago in a galaxy far far away, people were saying 'i told you they would have this record bla bla bla'. Someone (Joecool) had enough of this and put a thread on for people to clearly declare their prediction about the niners record of the season to come and said the now famous phrase : "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is".
As it's a little bit too long, the nickname was easy to find "PYMWYMI"
Maybe you wonder why there is a number after it ? the '5' explains that the thread is in it's fifth season
I hope you enjoyed the explanations

By the way, read my lips : they will be 9-7 but you should already know that 'cos my name is in the list you see Kid posts from time to time.
Kid ? oh sorry. Some explanation again : kid is a diminutive for Kidash98 one of the moderator
Moderator ? oh sorry it's ...............
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