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Crabtree a bust/looser

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yeah i said it loud and clear. i am entitled to my own opinion CRABTREE IS A BUST/LOOSER. dumb kid cant sign a contract and expects to get paid super star money please. you got a f**ked up foot and your Unprooven. you all can bash the hell outta me but when its all said and done. i will be the first to tell you he is a bust and we should trade or cut his b***h ass. i love my niners but i hate little diva's trying to squeeze a few extra millions when you have not caught a pass in the nfl yet. i hope these lb's and bd's put a hurting on his b***h ass.

ill take all the WR's we have and get rid of a selfish diva who only cares about how much money and how well dressed he is. im a niner for life but i never liked the 10th overall pick. we should have taken a OL instead
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Whats up Sabrason
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please don't post anymore.


Originally posted by DRnSFw:
Originally posted by Dino:
please don't post anymore.


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Do you think Mike Singletary was/is a diva because he held out twice during his career? He was definately a bust for thinking he should have been drafted higher...
you tootally beloong in niner talk.
Wow...I finally found a thread I feel is worth of a smiley.


I think it's pretty clear you are a regular or semi-regular here who has created this user name just to post a ridiculous thread you knew would be flamed into oblivion.

I guess the niners should have drafted a Center, DL or QB, they are the ONLY ones who have signed first round tenders. The rest are bust loosers, right?
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