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Crabtree's agent also represents Tyson Jackson

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Unfortunately I see the same thing. Many rookies claim that this is their chance to get as much money as possible, and I don't blame rookies for getting as much, until it impedes on the team.

If he is holding out now he will holdout later because he has a snake of a agent whispering "money" in his ear.

This isn't a great position considering the plethora of WRs that are fighting for roster spots.
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
I could see the potential for Crabtree pushing the NFL over the edge to create a rookie salary pay scale, like the NBA possesses. The NFL has talked about this for years, and a mountain of rookies holding out might force the hand of the NFL and the players association to make the change.

Call it the Crabtree Rule.

True always got to be a trendsetter. I believe Garnett's contract for like 121 million is what forced the NBA to come with a different salary cap structure and it was Glenn robinsosn getting 100 million dollar rookie contract which made them put in a rookie salary cap.
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Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
Well since he feels Crabtree should have been the 3rd pick the Chiefs should use his words against him and offer Jackson 4th pick money or worse...

Just thinking out loud...

He doesn't think Crabtree should have been the 3rd pick, he believe Crabtree should have been a top 3 pick. The Chiefs would not use that against him. They drafted him #3 so they are aware that they will pay him accordingly.
Singletary was quoted as saying. "I don't know his agent. I don't know all the other stuff. I do know that we have been fair."

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