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Crabtree contract screwing up the top ten?

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Says here he wants top 3 money
Originally posted by 49erRider:
His agent is a jackass.

his agent is acting on his behalf. or perhaps his agent is feeding some nonsense about what could be and he is dumb enough to buy into it. Either case, Id say they're both acting like a couple of donkeys.
I really hate stories like this. They seem to come out of nowhere and spread like wildfire. It's ridicules, Yahoo quotes the Denver Post and the Denver Post quotes the old reliable “league source”. If you look around the web it appears the story is coming from multiple sources which would give it some validity, but it’s not. Everything I’ve seen leads back to the Denver Post and this mysterious “league source”.

I’m not saying that the story doesn’t have some truth to it. I have no doubt that Crabtree’s agent is trying to get more money for him based on his pre-draft ranking. In 2007 the top three picks received and average of $27.25 million in guarantees and the 10th pick received $12.75 million. In 2008 the top three received $31.25 million in guarantees and the 10th pick received $13.8 million. Based on a average increase of between 5 – 10 % Crabtree should receive a deal for around $20 million with somewhere around $15 million in guarantees. If Crabtree’s and his agent thinks he’s going to get 2 times that, he’s crazy!
Originally posted by 9erfan4life:
Says here he wants top 3 money

Top 3 is stretching it big time. Guys like Leinart and Brady Quinn b***hed about where they fell in the draft also, but in the end took reasonable deals. I just hope he's not a holdout. We've been so excited about him, yet haven't even seem him get on the field.
Originally posted by backontop:
Originally posted by swim4speed:
The agent sucks! He is going to advise Crabtree to hold out....probably late into training camp or into the season.

It could be a Lost season for him! Crap!

He can advise him all he wants. Crabtree doens't have to listen to him. So everyone blaming the agent needs to open their eyes and realize its Crabtree not his agent

Originally posted by 9erfan4life:
Says here he wants top 3 money

Won't happen
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Half of all contracts are BS anyway most players if any ever finish out the entire contract and get all of the money. The biggest part is the guaranteed cash.

2008 avg guaranteed money (base salary per year)
picks 1-5 $28.4m ($10/12m)
picks 6-10 $17.4m ($6/8m)

Matt Ryan 3rd pick 6 years, $72 million ($34M guaranteed)
Matt Stafford 1st pick 6 years, $72 million ($41.7M guaranteed)

Same contract about a 25% increase in guaranteed
So now we have a starting point to base a contract

Lowball offer
$18m guaranteed 5 years $30m

Fair offer
$22m guaranteed 5 years $35m

Good offer
$25m guaranteed 5 years $40m

Great offer
$30m guaranteed 5 years $45m

Anything over $35m guaranteed 5 years $50m is top five money
At least we are taking down the rest of the league. Maybe if Crabtree holds out all of training camp, the rest of the 1st rounders will, too!
Originally posted by MadMartz:
I really dont see how the #10 pick affects those picks ahead of him. Even if he is saying he wants more money. It doesnt matter, this is the same thing I have seen over and over. Troy Williamson wanted more money from the Vikes because they let thier clock expire and allowed 2 teams to pick ahead of them. Thus costing Williamson less money. Him and his agent wanted more but he didnt get it. Same with Aaron Rogers, He slipped way back in the draft and he wanted more money too because He thought he had a shot at going #1 overall so he deserved more. Bulls**t! You get paid where you get picked. Or you sit out all year and make nothing and cost yourself millions. He will sign for number 10 money in the end. He has to, he has no choice.

I concur...pretty much how I feel about this whole situation.
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