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Stats dont lie Vernon Davis is explosive!

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Were are all the stats of all his dropped passes and when he's run the wrong route.

Not sure about over his entire career,but in 07 he was 3rd in dropped passes on the team behind Battle(led in drops)and D-Drop.

Susweel is a Vernon Davis hater, thats what all the haters say.

"He drops passes"

But they never post the true facts about his drops, because it really ins't a problem.

I dont think he was even in the top 25 last year. I don't know where this crap comes from. This is his make or break year though.
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Where's the stats that show TE screens is ATLEAST 50% of his catches. So of course he'll have more YAC.

How much YAC does he get on regular catches? His lack of explosiveness/production on regular routes seems to consistantly go unnoticed around here. We'd have to run 7 TE screens a game for him to be anything.

How many tight ends do you see catching TE screens? You don't see this play called multiple times unless the guy can pick up RAC.

BTW He has shown the ability to pick up RAC on regular catches as well. Not on a consisant basis but he has shown the ability numerous times.

There's plenty of complaints about Vernon but what he has done after the catch is not a legit complaint.

In 2007 Hos used him as a normal TE and he gained a whopping 3.1 YAC. As I said with all these TE screens it helps skew the number in his favor.

You're correct you don't see TE's catching alot of TE screens. Which is why their YAC numbers are more legit. Davis' career YAC total is 5.3

Witten 4.1
Gates 4.4
Gonzo 3.9
Clark 5.2
Owen Daniels 5.1
Olsen 4.7
Cooley 5.7
Winslow 3.9
Zach Miller 4.2
Carlson 4.3
Scheffler 4.7

Now imagine if they catch 10 TE screens (or if 1/3 of their catches is TE screens) how much higher would their YAC numbers be?

Some of them would be higher others wouldn't. Not everyone can pull that play off.

For what it's worth Vernon averaged 6.4 yards per play on those screen passes (14 for 89) so when he was used as a regular tight end he still put up good RAC last season.

Don't know how you found those numbers but you have no reason to lie so good find. On his 17 catches LAST YEAR he managed to AVERAGE good YAC!

I'm willing to bet that AVERAGE didn't come on a consistant basis.
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