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Assuming playoffs and one loss, would you rather:

Assuming playoffs and one loss, would you rather:

Originally posted by singfan:
How absolutely pathetic. You guys are afraid to lose the Super Bowl in order to protect some legacy that doesn't stand for anything anymore to most of you. Do you think that Steeler fans are jealous of us? Hell no. They have 6 Super Bowl wins and 7 conference championships. I'm sure Cowboy fans don't sit around crying about Super Bowl losses either. They just want a chance in the Big Game. Here's a newsflash for all of you afraid to lose; both the Steelers and Cowboys are considered better organizations than us. I guess we don't have to worry about protecting our precious Super Bowl record anyway. We're not going anywhere with the crew currently in place. I'd take Shanahan and a Super Bowl loss over Sing and a 7-9 record any day. I'm sick right now.

Are you still going on about this? It obviously matters to most "real" 49ers fans. We are one of only like 3 teams in professional sports to have a perfect record in the biggest game of the year. YES, IT DOES MEAN SOMETHING, YES, IT DOES MATTER! And, no, I would not want the 49ers to lose the superbowl. How does that make me afraid?
Originally posted by 49erRider:
Originally posted by TexasNiner:
It's because what you are "preserving" is not real.

Yeah you're right. We're not undefeated in the SuperBowl. That's all imaginary.

It's real, but it's meaningless. It's about winning championships, and you can't win if you're not in the game. Anyone who would rather lose early and not make the SB at all, if rooting for the wrong things.

You're rooting for some BS stat, which means nothing to anyone else in the world but some Niner fans, instead of rooting for the team to win and to gain the experience of playing in a championship game.

There isn't one player in the NFL, let alone specifically on the Niners, who would rather lose early than avoid the SB because they might lose the game and "tarnish" some worthless stat.
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