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49ers memorabilia and your story behind it!

I've been a 49ers fan for since i could remember! being that i'm a 80's baby and was born the year of the superbowl. i've collected a few things that i'd like to share! and tell my story behind it! and for the rest of you in the zone! if you got storys to go with your memorabilia lets hear it!

so in the 80's i had a oldschool starters 49ers jacket. all black with the sf patch over your heart and the 49ers decal on the back and now that i'm way older i could never fit into that medium jacket again. so now i take it to 49ers events like family day and i get signatures on it! on the front right under the SF logo i got patrick willis's signature. he's the only current 49er on the front of the jacket! actually only 49er on it. then on the back i have nothing but oldschools! enjoy! can't wait for the season! ohhh also in the picture is a black 49ers willis jerzey. it's a knock off but it looks mean!

lets hear your story!

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tight jacket
Originally posted by footballfreak49:
tight jacket

i want the helment
Dont laugh but its the only autographed memorabilia I got. I won it on the 49erfaithful website contest. Scott Keagley called my house and left me a message and I was like WTF? Yeah though he wrote me a letter telling me congrats with the jersey.
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I'm selling a Niners Helmet worn by Jerry Rice in Super Bowl XXIX on October 25th 2012. Check it out, here is the link.

If you have any questions hit me up.
I have a team flag that flew over Candlestick. I retired from the Navy last year and had my US flag flown over Candlestick. When the flag was returned in the box was a team flag . Unfortunately it was mailed off durring the lockout so no one signed it. But I do have something not every fan can get a hold of :)
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