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Orange County 49ers Fans Group!

yee didn't realize so many niner fans in the O.C. I'm in Anaheim Hills/Orange, but during football season i'll be in irvine
North County here... Brea.
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Originally posted by phatbutskinny:
yee didn't realize so many niner fans in the O.C. I'm in Anaheim Hills/Orange, but during football season i'll be in irvine

Me too
Thanks for the responses! I'm glad to see there are other passionate Niners fans here in southern CA. I live in Orange, right next to The Block and Dave & Busters.

I can try to get us all together. It would be easier doing it by using the Yahoo group instead of this message board.

Please sign up for my Yahoo group and then we'll have the ability to email each other via the group....
I'll be out of town during the NFL opening weekend, so I won't be able to get together for the Niners opener vs. the Cardinals.

I'll send an email to the Yahoo user group (listed in the first post of this thread) for the 2nd or 3rd game. I forgot, I think I will be out of town for the 2nd game too.
I'm working on getting a group together in South OC for a game later in the season.
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Im a huge niner fan and would also like to hang out with my 9er brothers on football sundays. I go to a bar called The Corner Office in Costa Mesa on Anton. There were about 100 people there and I would say about 30 were Niner fans. This would be a great place to take over.

F..Crabtree...Go NINERS!!!
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Yeah I'm in Rancho Santa Margarita. But I have the Sunday ticket. So with that and my kegerator I'm usually pretty set come Sunday. But I'm always down to hang and watch some Niners game with fellow fans.

Solid "W' yesterday what a way to kickoff the season!

Go Niners!!!
Hi 49er faithfull in OC, I have been living in Chicago for the past 6 years due to my job and I will be in Laguana beach the weekend of October 11th when we are playing Atlanta and I would love to know if there is a place that would broadcast the game so i can watch it with other 49er fans! would you please let me know if there is a place close by in OC that you would recommend! I have NFL package at home and do not want to miss our game againts Altanta. Thank you and OC rocks. GO 49ers
Game 3 vs. the Vikings

We're planning to meet for the Vikings game. *Let me know if you are going to make it so we can get an accurate head-count for the table.*

Please sign up for and reply to the 49ers Yahoo group listed on the 1st posting of this string.

Lamppost Pizza
14450 Culver Dr
Ste E
Irvine, CA 92604
(949) 857-0160

See you soon!

OK Heres the deal. I am actually a Ravens fan(yea i know "boooo see you on thanksgiving") My boyfriend is a HUGE 49ers fan. We have a huge club for the ravens in LA called the west wing. I think its disgraceful that the 49ers don't have one in the OC/LA. If there are this many people in the OC that are fans, You all need to get together and show SF what their fans are all about. We've been recognized by the Ravens for having over 400 fans in LA that Rally at the same place every sunday(Thurs/mon whatever) You all need a club here.... for real. So I say CENTERFIELDS IN HUNTINGTON BEACH. MEET UP AND START SPREADING THE WORD ...GET ALL THE 49ers fans to meet up there ...You cant go "oh lets meet here, lets meet here bleh bleh bleh" Lets jus tmake it happen. Ive already been advised by the owner of Centerfields if i can pull together a fan club for the Ravens, he would set up drink specials for us. BUT The Parlor in Holllywood already has a club. SO lets get everyone to rally at that bar and I can work out with the owner drink and food specials. PLUS I HATE the Steelers fans, So itd be nice to overpopulate with 9ers fans instead:) Let me know what you all think. email me at ....My bf doesnt know im emailing and itd make him SUPER happy. maybe we can rally for preseason game 4 to get prepared before the season starts. We will destroy you Nov 24th but for the sake of brotherhood.... GO TEAM HARBAUGH!!! :)
Or just make it corner office in costa mesa since that seems to be the place to go:)
I lost myself for a second and thought that this was an OC New York group. We are few and far inbetween here.
Originally posted by luckofirish:
I am the biggest F**kin niner fan in the OC , I live and die with this team ! I start every day with the zone, i will hang with my niner brothers if we can get a decent location. I am in Costa Mesa , Rudy's on the newport pennisula is a great sports bar. Anyone up in LA can hit the SF Saloon which is a completely dedicated 49er Bar.

hey arre in luck bc he best bar in oc is at "the corner office" and its right next to south coast plaza...the bar is huge and a lot of niner fans there...ill hit you up and we will head out wiith any other niner fans in oc that can make it....its a lot better than rudys. i live in huntington
Originally posted by LAFortyNinerfan:
I'm in OC here in Laguna Beach. My roommate and I have been searching for a few years but have yet to find a niner bar in OC. Maybe all of us WZ niner fans in the OC should show up and take over a sports bar.

you and your roomie need to get your @sses to the corner office. i used to live near laguna beach and it took about 10 mins to get there. lets all meet up....there are alreday a lot of niner fans there and its a nice bar
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