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Which team do you want the 49ers to destroy this year? if you had to choose one.

Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:
Forget the Cowgirls, that's sooooo 80/90s.

Its all about the now and the now is our rivalry with the TARDS!

Destroy them on Prime time baby for the whole world to see!

All of them.....
If Alex Smith is playing, then the packers. showdown between rodgers and smith would be sick
Cards or Seahawks

Cards because they are the defending NFC champs. Seahawks cause I'm sick and tired of reading about how they're gonna challenge the Cards for the division.
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Originally posted by NickSh49:
The Thursday nighter vs. the Bears would be nice.

Exactly!! I'll be at that game!!!!!!!!!
The Pats in two weeks
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