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Which team do you want the 49ers to destroy this year? if you had to choose one.

Fri 8/14 Broncos
Sat 8/22 Raiders
Sat 8/29 @Cowboys
Fri 9/4 @Chargers
Regular Season
Sun 9/13 @Cardinals
Sun 9/20 Seahawks
Sun 9/27 @Vikings
Sun 10/4 Rams
Sun 10/11 Falcons
Sun 10/25 @Texans
Sun 11/1 @Colts
Sun 11/8 Titans
Thur 11/12 Bears
Sun 11/22 @Packers
Sun 11/29 Jaguars
Sun 12/6 @Seahawks
Mon 12/14 Cardinals
Sun 12/20 @Eagles
Sun 12/27 Lions
Sun 1/3 @Rams

too bad we don't play the NY Giants this friend is a DIE Hard Giants fan and I'm sick of his **** talking about our QBs.....I hate the Giants and their ugly gray pants.......but I will say thank you to little blue for help getting Nolan out of here last year.....

also wish the Cowboys game was in the regular for now, I'm looking forward to causing Philadelphia fans to start booing McNabb again.

the Cardinals games are a given....don't really care about the Raidas...maybe cause they haven't been that good (although I expect them to do well this year).......but there are not too many teams I really hate with a passion on our schedule this year.

no Giants, no Patriots, no Steelers, no Shanahan Broncos.

edit- oh! we do play the Cheeseheads....ok at them to the list.
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The Thursday nighter vs. the Bears would be nice.
It has to be the Cardinals. They were the Super Bowl rep and Division Champs last year, and the Niners were within 2 yds of beating them to at least have a shot at the playoffs. The Niners need to take them twice to put them back in their place.
Eagles, Colts, or Packers.
all...but if i have to choose...packers or eagles
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If the Cowgirls game was a regular season game, then that would be the one. Since it isn't, I have to go with the Colts game in Indy. Second would be both Cardinals games.
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Would be impressed if we could turn over the Falcons considering their upturn in fortune. Although to be honest I want to win the division first.
The team we face in the Super Bowl, of course!
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If we can "destroy" during this game...

Sun 9/13 @Cardinals

We will have a strong season.
all of them

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Well If I had to pick just one then the Packers... to many bad memorys of the playoff loses in the 90's...
Originally posted by Chief:
If we can "destroy" during this game...

Sun 9/13 @Cardinals

We will have a strong season.
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The Bears, there will be a lot bears fans in the Stick that night (i think), and it will be great to talk crap to all the bears fans all night!!

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I want us to destroy the team we play in Week 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,playoffs all rounds and the team we play in the superbowl.

yes I know there is a bye week in there but I figured we have a pretty good chance of winning that week
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