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Pleeeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssseeeeeeeeeee football gods let us dissect Nolan's defense on national TV.

Nope, sorry.

The gods tell me that Nolan's defense will shut us down, and we will be shut out 49-0. Nolan will then be carried off the field to immense cheers from the crowd, cementing his legacy as a defensive guru.

Also, Brandon Lloyd will catch 4 TD passes, and will actually spike the ball into the nads of Clements during one of his celebrations.

Are you for real? Please tell me your are just being facetious!

Did you know thats the only word in the english language that has every vowel (in order).

Not to be a spoilsport but facetious is not the only word...so think of this, my first post, as somewhat enlightening...

This word - absetemious - uses all five vowels just once and in alphabetical order (others are abstentious, annelidous, arsenious, casesious, facetious and fracedinous).

Retrieved from "http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/abstemious"