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49ers All-Decade Team

what about Derrick Deese?
Originally posted by footballfreak49:
All this talk on ESPN about the best players, teams, and coaches of the decade made me want to create an all-decade team for the 49ers. I'm sure my list will have plenty of controversy but here goes...


QB: Jeff Garcia

HB: Frank Gore

FB: Fred Beasley

OT: Joe Staley, Scott Gragg

OG: Ray Brown, Larry Allen, Chilo (future star)

C: Jeremy Newberry

TE: Eric Johnson

WR: Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice, Isaac Bruce


DE: Bryant Young, Justin Smith

NT: Franklin

OLB: (W) Julian Peterson, (S) P. Haralson

ILB: Patrick Willis, T Spikes, Derek Smith (honorable mention)

CB: Walt Harris, Nate Clements

S: Tony Parrish, Zach Bronson

Special Teams: (best special teams unit the niners had in some time)

K: Joe Nedney

P: Andy Lee

LS: Brian Jennings

KR: Allen Rossum
Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
what about Derrick Deese?


The man never gave up a sack.
Originally posted by rxrunner:
Originally posted by NickSh49:
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
Brandon Moore?

...had one good season.

you mean one game against the vikings

Well played new guy.
Originally posted by Apples:
Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
what about Derrick Deese?


The man never gave up a sack.

yeh i second this. The man never got the recognition he deserved...and i belive he was one of the only linemen who could do a backflip lol that always cracked me up
Originally posted by Apples:
I think this team could win the Super Bowl.

We'd simply outscore everybody with Garcia, T.O., Rice, Gore, and Hearst.

any NFL all decade team would be odds on favorite to win the super bowl if they were competing against 31 other non all decade teams. So thats not saying much.

The thing to notice is, look how few of these guys actually played together for any extended amount of time.

If you filled out the all decade team with actually who played the would be looking at a bottom 5 all decade team.

^^ I think I have that report at home, I will check later. If I remember correctly very few positions can change based on the 2009 projected starters, so the REAL all decade team can pretty much be reported now
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Hearst as backup
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