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No, one day during the week for about 7 or 8 straight hours they show some of the past weeks games. They call it the Game of the Week and NFL Replay. I know what your are saying about the live regular season games. Is there any reason why they dont have games the whole season? Cost to much?

I remember this being a hot topic when the NFL network was first announced. The fear was that the NFL would want to broadcast their games on their own network instead of the others. There were even Senators and Congressmen getting because many cable providers didn’t carry the NFL network at the time and people without cable were pretty much out of luck. The fact is that the networks pay the NFL billions for the rights to broadcast those games. So it will probably be sometime before we see more than a handful of regular season games a year on the NFL network.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t they condense the regular season games that they do rebroadcast down to something like two hours. I’d guess that this has something to do with their contracts with the other networks. If the NFL network started rebroadcasting the games in their entirety that would greatly devalue the Sunday games. The true fans would watch the games live, but casual fans (a large segment of the viewing population) would be likeier to catch the rerun.

Yes they do condense the games, as soon as the play is over they jump to the snap of the next play. Yeah it will be a long time before every second of a game is replayed, way too much money involved.