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Articles on the front page!!

Is it just me or is anyone else not getting the news articles on the front page? It is just a gray block where the headlines used to be.
It's happening to me also, but just on my company provided laptop, not my personal computers. Not sure why.

You can still find news by going to the home page, clicking resources, then news.
If you scroll down to the middle of the page they're there (middle Left)
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I sometimes get weirdness on the page. A refresh usually makes load properly
I get a messed up layout at work too. Their computers need to be updated.
If you are using anything less than IE 6, we dropped support for those browsers. For example, IE 5.5 refused to render the code properly. And since only 0.01% of our visitors use that browser (46 users in the past 30 days), it was not worth it.

The front page has been tested in the following browsers:
IE 6
IE 7
IE 8
Firefox 3.x
Safari 3
Safari 4
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