The San Francisco 49ers 2017 NFL Draft selections

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Which CB Tandem Will It Be?

Which CB Tandem Will It Be?

The two veterans will start, but I feel alot better about having Brown and Spencer as the Nickel and backup CB's. Depth will be key this year.
In my honest opinion, I think Shawntae Spencer is over-rated. I have never seen anything special from him! Plus, he cannot stay healthy.
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I'd have to go with Bly starting the season, his experience will get him the job, unless of course he really sucks in TC and Pre-season. I think the depth chart will pretty much be:

1. Clements
2. Bly
3. Brown
4. Spencer

Hopefully one of our undrafted rookies will earn the 5th spot on the team, unless Hudson can hold onto the job as a CB/Safety. I'm hoping Roman gets the axe, I'd really like to see what Reggie Smith, Curtis Taylor and Marcus Hudson have to offer.

It does look like we are going to have a good battle for the last CB spot though:

Terrail Lambert
Carlos Thomas
Jahi Word-Daniels

And I wouldn't quite say Shawntae Spencer's job is safe. If he even gives a hint of an injury, I would think Spencer would get the axe, hes missed too much time over his short career.
I would love to see Brown step up but i do agree that we will be seeing Bly opposite Clements.

However, Bly will be on a short leash and i will not at all be surprised if Brown makes a start sometime.

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