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Breaking down our secondary...who makes the cut who doesen't

I think for sure we carry 9 DB's, 10 DB's couting Rossum...


Nate Clements: Gets a lot of hate because some people actually think he makes or will make $80million dollars. While he is not a shut down corner he is a very good corner. He can be a little inconsistent as he has a game or two a season (last year three) that he just flat out did not play well in but he has done a good job overall here and has played well vs the Boldin and Fitzgerald. Will we start to see his play slip as he turns 30? I hope not...

Dre Bly: I have a good feeling about Bly. He seems like he has a chip on shoulder after Denver cut him and from all accounts still has plenty of football left in him. If nothing else, he will add a few more INT's into our secondary which is what we need. I do think though he will have a solid, solid year either as the #2 corner or the slot corner.

Tarrell Brown: A player I have always liked. He was a steal in the 5th rd and has played well as a nickel corner and in his lone career start last year. Now he competing for the starting job against Dre Bly and he is making it a heck of a competition. At worse I think he will be a very good third corner this year and a good #2 corner down the road but I would not be suprised if he ends up beating out Bly for the #2 CB job.

Shawntae Spencer: A solid player when healthy, Spencer is coming of a torn ACL and that is not good when you are a cornerback. Hopefully he can get healthy and regain his confidence as he would give us a heck of a 4th cornerback.

Marcus Hudson: A guy I like, he is a very good ST's player and a solid backup at corner and safety. I like him more as a safety but he is basically taking all of his reps at cornerback. He is not a lock to make the team but I think he will because of his versatility and the fact he is a good ST's player.


Michael Lewis: A hard-nosed vetran who is starting to show wear and tear, hopefully we can get one more year out of him.

Dashon Goldson: I am really excited about him, if he can stay healthy as our starting FS I see him getting 5-7 INT's and making plays all over the field as a ball defender and tackler. He has good size, long arms, a nose for the football and a swagger about him.

Mark Roman: I didn't think he would be back, but as a backup you can live with him because he can play either safety posistion and has a lot of starting experince. I just hope he does not end up starting to much because Goldson or Lewis are hurt a lot.

Reggie Smith: He had a chance to get some valuable reps at SS with Michael Lewis out and he ended up getting hurt as wel and missing most of the OTA's with a groin injury. I like this kid as a safety, he was a player at Oklahoma but im starting to worry he may not even make the team.

Allen Rossum: Makes the team because of his return ability.

I think Curtis Taylor has a chance to make the team esspecially if he plays well on ST's but I think he will end up being on the practice squad as a rookie. Lewis Baker has a slim chance to make the cut.

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Clements and Brown are your starters at CB

Goldson and Lewis at Safety

Smith, Taylor, Roman backups at Safety

Spencer and Bly backups at CB

Its amazing how easily people forget just how good Brown was at UT. I remember before their game vs. OSU, folks were up in arms because Brown had just gotten into trouble and Texas didnt know who would be able to make upfor what they lost. As a matter of fact, him NOT playing was widely considered the difference between winning and losing that game for Texas. Aaron Ross played off of his absence and became a first round pick...but I strongly believe that the 49ers got the better player 4 rounds later.

You dont just go from being the most feared player on the defense to basically nothing. Brown will start this year and will stay there for the foreseeable future, IMO.

The one true wildcard in this group is Reggie Smith. This guy, as you said, was a serious baller at OU. I believe he will be better suited at safety for right now...then moving to CB later. But it gives you a guy who is versatile and in a 3-4 thats what you need.
Remember these days?
Looks really bad that Baalke keeps drafting in the secondary and none of em stand out. Fyi, Derek CARR, who could've sat behind Kaep to learn was drafted 6 spots AFTER Ward, who is a good player, definitely not first round quality imo.
His name is Nate Clemons!
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