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27th out of 32?

Damn I hate these friggin "ranking" polls....
DON'T TELL ME ------ JUST SHOW ME. Yeah the rating seems a little poorer than I would have expected but from the rater's point of view we are changing the offense once again ------ so I can understand the rating a bit , even if I don't agree with it.
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Originally posted by krizay:
Well on paper other teams have gotten better. Either by addition or by being healthier. We on the other hand used our money to resign players already under contract.

We gained a rookie WR and a backup RB. While losing our #2 CB.

How high exactly do you expect us to be ranked.

Agreed. I mean, do I like it? NO! But what have we done to earn any type of respect? Because Sing is running the show now? Please. Believe me, I hope we do better but as our slogan for 2009 states "Don't tell me, Show me!"
Originally posted by 49ERwhiner:
DON'T TELL ME ------ JUST SHOW ME. Yeah the rating seems a little poorer than I would have expected but from the rater's point of view we are changing the offense once again ------ so I can understand the rating a bit , even if I don't agree with it.

Exactly...we haven't strong together winning seasons in how long??? Let alone ONE WINNING SEASON! We need to earn some respect first and that's hard to come by in the NFL. I'm optimistic for this season though....don't get me wrong.
These rankings make no difference
What on Earth did you expect?

We finished in the bottom 10 last year in terms of our record. (The most common stat your average fan will use to determine how good a team might be.)

So, any ranking above 22 is unrealistic. These lists are made from votes of casual NFL fans and/or fans of other teams FAR more than of passioniate, knowledgable Niner fans.

As such, this is what the casual fan has seen from our team since the end of last year:

Pick top 10 in the draft
Did NOT sign any big name FAs.
Did NOT address any of our biggest needs (OT, DL, NT, QB, S) in the draft.
Drafted only an injured WR (who usually take the longest to adapt to the NFL) and 3rd round RB who many had rated lower, as our "upgrades" to the team this year.
The other vets we added are: injury risks, second level players, and/or aging vets who were still on the market late in the off season.
We do NOT know who our starting QB is and the options are a journeyman no one outside of SF knows OR a former first round pick many consider a bust already.
A team that went to the SB (Arizona) and the recent perenial division champ (Seattle) who had an injury plagued season last year, will provide tough competition in the division and both seem to have improved more than we have.

Given all that, what did you expect? Regardless of how any Niner fans feel about the internal changes, the prospects of our rookies, or who we might upgrade due to health, experience or coaching upgrades.....

To the casual fan, we are a bad team who did not do much to improve in the off season.

Why would anyone not following OTAs or who truly knows the team well enough to start seeing some subtle improvements think anything but that we would be one of the bottom teams in the NFL again?

You have to look at this through the eyes of the average fan, not through your red and gold colored glasses.

Until we add some big name talent and/or prove it on the field, the average fan will not assume we are destined for improvement.
Screw that stupid poll that was just put out. I talk to Fans of other NFL teams all the times and a good portion of them never watched the Niners play yet they love to talk bad about them. What they don't know is most of the 49ers losses were extremely close games that they should have won. How many times did JTO give the game away? Coach Sing brought much more stability to the team and he is going to change the culture of the 49ers. I talk to non Niner fans all the time and they have no respect for the Niners even if the Niners beat their teams last year. They rag on our "No Name" QB all the time. I say let the haters hate because this probably reflects the attitudes of the other teams in the NFL. That will be a plus for the Niners because they will be able to sneak up on teams.

As far as Crabtree goes I found it so funny how many Non Niner fans are hating on him. Especially Dallas fans instead of admitting the fact they are butthurt from not being able to draft their hometown player, they have the nerve to tell us that he's going to be a bust. They have much more to worry about if you ask me. Isaac Bruce who they say is an Old man had more catches and yards than Roy Williams did by a mile last season. It feels good to be a Niner fan and these polls mean absolutely nothing.
Originally posted by krizay:

a former pro bowl cb that would still be unemployed had Walt Harris not got hurt. If he was such a key piece other teams would have lined up to snag him. Same with Marvel Smith. Can't just look at their best season and say well hell. there's a reason both guys were available.

See, that's just negativity for sake of negativity. You have no possible way of knowing that Dre Bly and Marvel Smith would still be unemployed right now if the Niners didn't pick them up. You're just speculating like anyone else and your opinion doesn't seem particularly well-informed.
Originally posted by D_Niner:
It's better than coming in 32nd out of 27...

Good point. Look at the bright side.
Internet polls are popularity contests. I mean how many no-life Cowboy and Raider fans ranking the Niners at #32 does it take to drive down the overall ranking?

OK so what . the cards were probably ranked 25th last year. To now qoute the oldest nfl cliche' "Thats why they play the game" Niners do suck on paper btw
Yah we still suck until proven otherwise. National media will not rank us higher yet. However I think that is a good thing going into the season.
Let's just cancel the season!!! I mean, if says we are 27th, it must be true.

Should I panic or laugh? Panic? Laugh? Laugh? Panic?

P.S. July is going to be a brutal month on the board. I think we are witnessing a sneak preview with some of these threads.

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Underdawg status gotta love it! Ya know every year is the same but now under the new direction of singletary, we will see something we have lacked in the nolan era. A burn to drive forward and get over the hump and lose this underdawg status. Which I personally like it allows us to come in and just f**k s**t up ha ha
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Originally posted by Grigga2021:
This is the year people remember who the 49ers are.

Why? Esplain!
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