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Tarell Brown Football Camp

This weekend my son and I attended the Tarrell Brown football camp in Dallas, TX. This is the second year my son and I attend. TB is one of the most down to earth football players their is. I had a long conversation with him about his camp and his role with the 49ers. He did say he is ready for the football season to begin. I am confident he will do well in Walt Harris's place.
Arnaz Battle was their to support his camp and so were others from from other NFL teams. I did not have a chance to talk to Arnaz because he was just in and out.
As always god bless the 49ers and god bless Tarrel Brown. Deuce.

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Nice. Where is the emphasis on his first name, do you know?
I have no idea. I can probably text him to see what he says...
Not a name I have come across and I was just curious. I have heard Terrell pronounced emphasizing either first or second syllabul but haven't heard the name Tarrell before.

Nice to know when your players are good kids
God Bless Texas (Tech)
With all the crap that is part of pro sports now, it's refreshing to see someone give back to the area they came from, even if it is holding a sports camp.

It's nice to see the 49ers have some players like this on the roster.
Makes me happy that T. Brown has turned into a heck of a ball player.

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