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Ray Ratto hates the 49ers!

Originally posted by Memphis9er:
Originally posted by GolittaCamper:
Ratto is just being realistic, what the hell have the Niners done in the last seven years other than suck ass!!

Let the ass sucking end and the ass kicking begian!!!!!

So get of the Rats back and take of the rose tinted glasses, we have not been picking in the top third of the drat every year because we are so freaking great!

There isn't a single player on this offense that could have started for Walsh in the eighties and Willis and Smith are the only defenders worthy of that era!

That is bull, Walsh would've loved to have Gore, Davis, Crabtree, as well as Heitman and Staley. He might have even been able to bring out the best in Smith much quicker than the clowns we have had until this year.

He also probably would have liked Justin Smith and Spencer.

Crabtree starts over who? Gore over Craig? NO..I'd say maybe Vernon..definately Willis
I'd have to agree...Ratto's cup is inevitably half-empty, all the time. He's an equal opportunity hater...I quit reading his negativity a long time ago...I'd suggest you do the same, that's the best medicine against guys like him.
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Originally posted by longtime49erfan:
I am sick and tired of seeing webzone post articles written by 49er-hater Ratto. I lived in the Bay area for seven years and I have NEVER read a Ratto article about the 49ers that was positive.

His latest piece of offal may be found here:

Why does this site give such a crappy writer - not a journalist but rather a sour commentator - publicity and promotion by posting his worthless anti-49er commentaries?

In his latest piece of trash he ridicules Santa Clara residents in a feeble attempt to get them to oppose building a new stadium for the 49ers in their city. He seems to live to do whatever he can to hurt the 49ers.

I sincerely hope that Santa Clarans will see through this obvious attempt to manipulate them by a man whose credibility is in question. I hope they will vote up or down based on the merits of building the stadium, regardless of what unqualified "sportswriters" may suggest.

Am I alone or do others share my view of this excuse for a sportswriter?

Ratto has no insight in his words, its all judgment. I stop reading his articles long ago because there is no substance to them.
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Tim Kawakami is an idiot too. All these writers are so used to the culture of Dennis Erickson making such huge mistakes. Mike Nolan's arrogance getting in his way, yes we wanted answer for that. We wanted these coaches to face there ignorance. But Singletary mistakes and his team mistakes should not be judged the same way. Sing's putting the best players on the field and he is doing his best with the coaching experience he has. He recognizes his mistakes and there are obvious efforts to correct them. These writers are just making snap judgments and treating these losses just like Erickson's and Nolan's which I make them seem like they have no insight to the game.
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